Women Spend Six Years Of Their Lives On A Diet

Women Spend Six Years Of Their Lives On A Diet

The average woman spends a whopping six years of her life on a diet, according to new research.

Following a survey of 1000 women, by Britain’s leading diet firm, Forzadiet.com, it’s been revealed that 54% of women are most concerned about staying in shape in their 20s, with the motivation to maintain it dwindling as they get older.

But the time spent losing weight significantly decreases as they get older and they feel more comfortable with their bodies.

The peak age for dieting is 25, when many woman are looking for long term partners, planning for their weddings or getting into shape before turning 30.  Throughout their twenties, women diet for an average of two years and seven months. This sinks to one year and nine months once they’ve hit the big 3-0.

The survey broke down their results by age group…

20s – two years and seven months
30s – one year and nine months
40s – one year and three months
50s – 10 months

So for the average woman, by the time she reaches 70, she’ll have been on a diet for a total of six years and two months.

The average duration of a diet is four weeks and three days. This stays pretty constant as women age, though they simply choose to have less dieting spells. Researchers believe that this is down to women becoming more comfortable with their shape and size as they grow older. Priorities change, women start families, settle down and become busier with life.

64% of married women said they had dieted less after tying the knot.

For women over 30, the next hurdle comes after pregnancy, when first-time mothers put on an average of 4lb, and only a third manage to lose that weight in the 12 months after they give birth. When focusing on a strict diet and exercise regime isn’t always practical, this is where a Personal Trainer can help.

As a Post and Ante Natal Fitness Instructor, you’ll be specifically qualified to train women during and after pregnancy, helping them to shift those stubborn pounds through a tailored diet and exercise plan.

Any fitness professional working with pregnant women or new mums must have a specialist set of skills to ensure their clients’ comfort and safety. So, our Ante and Post Natal Fitness Instructor course will arm you with the knowledge to be able to provide effective exercise sessions for this specialist group.

If you’re already qualified as a Level 2 Fitness Instructor in Gym, Exercise to Music or Aqua, or a Level 3 Personal Trainer and want to stretch your skillset, then this is the course for you. Speak to the team for more details or to request a brochure.

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