What’s your favourite exercise?

What’s your favourite exercise?

Do you have a favourite exercise that you enjoy doing at the gym, or encourage your clients to do during their sessions? We all have our favourite exercises or at least exercises that we don’t mind performing and find them a little less challenging. However, we also have some exercises that we’d much rather avoid such as burpees, but once you’ve achieved your fitness qualifications, you’ll be able to find a solution to this.

The Huffington Post published an article listing a range of favourable exercises that fitness professionals enjoy the most and we’ve selected a few.

  • Squats. Who doesn’t love squats? Of course squats are simply more than just pretending to sit down, there is a technique involved with it and you can create your own exercises to go with it. These can include holding the squat position for 60 seconds, squat using dumbbells or performing jumping squats. You client will feel the benefit of the different squat variations almost immediately!
  • Deadlifts. It may sound scary to your client when you first introduce this exercise, but it’s relatively straight forward and it’s great for anyone looking to burn fat; building power and strength as it works your lower body and arms. Begin with weights that you know your client will be able to use easily, so they can become familiar with the exercise and technique, and then slowly increase the weights over time.
  • Spiderman Walk. This is a fun exercise to perform and it says it all in the name – doing a Spiderman walk across the gym floor. It’s a great, all round body exercise and effective for those wanting to focus on their upper body more. We’re sure Andrew Garfield is a huge fan of this exercise!

Let us know what your favourite exercise is before and after achieving your fitness qualifications. We’re sure that you would have changed your mind along the way!


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