The ‘Netflix of Fitness’ | Fitness On Demand

The ‘Netflix of Fitness’ | Fitness On Demand

Fitness At Home

At-home fitness is on the rise. So much, that UK gym memberships spending is up by 44 percent but only 18 percent of us are hitting the gym on a regular basis. We prefer to get our sweat on in more creative surroundings.

Sometimes, even the biggest fitness fanatics can’t escape a little home comfort. So prepare for a new innovation in workout technology. Fiit has been dubbed, the ‘Netflix of fitness’ and launches this week.

Fiit offers on-demand fitness classes led by high profile fitness experts,  available any time, anywhere, from the click of your a mobile device. Simply download the app, stream and get your sweat on with the support of expert personal trainers.


Fiit comes with a heart-rate monitor and integrates with the app to create bespoke workouts tailored towards your own goals.

There’s a leaderboard, perfect for competitive types. Challenge your friends to a fitness-off, anywhere in the world.


Real-time performance metrics allow you to track your progress and work towards your own PB.

It features the latest workout playlists, offering a boutique feel, from the comfort of your home, the local park, or your office if you fancy a lunchtime sweat sesh.

It comes with a wearable tracker and fitness mat to help track your progress, almost as though you were playing a virtual reality game of ‘gym time’.

Personal goals are set to keep you motivated and challenged.

Launching this week on the Apple App Store (and coming to Google Play soon), this technologically savvy interactive fitness tool is “set to revolutionize the fitness world”.

Once signed up, you’ll have unlimited access to classes in Cardio, Strength and Rebalance, led by some of the UK’s most reputable personal trainers, including Alex Crockford, Cat Meffan, Richie Norton, Luke Worthington and celebrity personal trainer Tyrone Brennand.

Memberships start at £20 a month,  decreasing if you sign up for extended periods.  There’s no joining fee and if after ten classes you’re not satisfied, you can walk away.

As Brits are wasting a whopping £558 million each year on unused gym memberships, with one in ten admitting they haven’t actually visited their gym for twelve months, this new DIY workout innovation really could change the face of fitness.

In the age of technology, we’re finding fresher, more convenient ways to get our workouts. We’re more pushed for time than ever, and increasingly on the hunt for the best fitness advice we can lay our hands on. So, it’s no surprise that online personal training is rising rapidly,  as clients want the benefit of expert guidance, from the comfort of their own homes.

Many find this new ‘virtual’ form of training saves valuable time, and money compared to working one a one-to-one basis with a Personal Trainer in the gym. For Personal Trainers, it allows them to train more clients in less time, saving on travel and maximising the opportunity to earn. If you’re considering becoming an online trainer, take a look at our tips here.

Not yet qualified? Speak to the team about our Level 3 Personal Trainer courses coming to a venue near you.

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