The Madonna Workout

The Madonna Workout

We all know that Madonna’s muscle-like body didn’t appear overnight and she is very strict when it comes to keeping fit and eating well. But what does Madonna go through in terms of exercise to get her body looking the way it does? Well she has a personal trainer for a start…

Nicole Winhoffer is well known for training celebrities and her clients include Rachel Weisz and Stella McCartney. She has been training Madonna since 2009 and gives new weekly workout challenges for the Queen of Pop. She trains six days a week for 90 minutes per day and has a focused, serious and challenging programme to complete on a weekly basis. Quite a workout! We understand that not all of your clients will be able to afford six sessions a week, but with successful training from our personal training courses, your clients will be more than satisfied with just one session per week.

Focus Training has a variety of personal training courses available and all of which you can check out on our website. Once you’ve achieved your fitness qualifications, your career doesn’t have to stop there. The fitness world has endless opportunities for you and we have courses catered for different aspects of the industry. You can never have too many qualifications as a fitness instructor, so how about getting in touch with Focus Training today for more information about our personal training courses? You can also download our free online prospectus by clicking here.

You are going to be ready to increase employment in the fitness market like an individual trainer working for a company, or maybe you are able to move by themselves. Make sure you choose a school which has a great track record of learning from as it is going to be important to the potential career endeavors of yours. Our preferred Focus Training courses associated with this particular blog post on the Madonna workout include our fitness instructor courses, exercise referral course, sports massage course and the extremely popular personal training courses.

The registry of exercising specialist is able to suggest schools are accredited by them therefore you’re competent to practise as an authorized as well as expert personal trainer in the UK. Via our home page you are able to find much more informative info on pt courses.

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