Sweatworking – The New Networking?

Sweatworking – The New Networking?

Happy hour networking is so 2014. The latest trend to hit leisure centres is sweatworking.

Instead of meeting over lunch or drinks, business executives are meeting over a spot of exercise. For working professionals, talking shop whilst burning calories has become a great way to integrate work with a healthy lifestyle.

Bringing work into workouts can show a sense of passion and dedication to both parties, says Kelly Miyamoto, of workout club The Firm;

“More productive decisions are made without alcohol. That’s why it is trending. It’s saying, let’s have a more productive work environment without food or alcohol.”

Another approach to sweatworking is applying it to team building. Businesses are organising private exercise classes, meeting afterwards for a brainstorming session over a well-earned slimline chicken salad – what healthier way for a company to focus?

Of course, sweatworking can have pitfalls. One is differing fitness levels. Ask a colleague or client to join you in a workout session when they haven’t exercised in a while won’t exactly fill them with excitement! Though as our group fitness instructors will know, classes such as Spinning allow people to comfortably exercise at their own pace. A class like yoga has the benefit of being low-impact and allows for modifications in the poses. Zumba, the new hot dance workout, offers easy-to-follow Latin-influenced dance moves and is also a low-impact choice. So there are plenty of options for those that love to multitask!

As an Exercise To Music Instructor, this all new, (and very  niche!) group of fitness fanatics could open up plenty of opportunities to get creative with the young professionals that have lots to do, but little time to do it!

The next time you’re headed to happy hour, quietly worrying that you’re missing your workout again, you might consider recommending the gym as your next meeting place!

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