Studio Surfing… The new workout craze!

Studio Surfing… The new workout craze!

Zumba, Spin classes, Pole and Tone… there’s always a new and more exciting way to get your workout, but surfing?  It seems that on the other side of the pond, indoor surfing is the hottest new craze to crash the workout scene.

Classes are being held in studios in the US, which experts say burns about 1,000 calories per session. The RipSurfer X machine used was developed by former professional hockey player Mike Hartwick, CEO of SurfSET, who liked the way surfing toned his body. However, Hartwick was disappointed that he couldn’t get the same results through other fitness regimes.

“I would quickly bulk up and lose the lean and toned physique that surfing gave me, no other workout could compare,” says Hartwick.  So, he decided to take the er, plunge and design a machine that would!

Indoor surfing classes have been rolling into temporary fitness locations in various U.S. cities such as New York City and Los Angeles, and excitement about the new trend is growing. But the 45-minute class isn’t for everyone.

“It’s actually harder than surfing,” Sarah Ponn, co-founder and fitness director of SurfSET Fitness, said.  The class claims to squeeze about three hours’ worth of surfing-based movement into the 45-minute indoor workout.

The class is sequenced like a surfing session on the sea, even as it draws from many disciplines, from interval training to resistance training to Pilates.  The warm up is an intense cardio interval that mimics a sea surfer’s paddling out to beyond the break. Then the abdominal work kicks in.

Woven into the workout are indoor versions of such surf staples as duck dives, pushing under a wave, and pop ups, going from lying to standing on the board in one jump.

Experts says this new workout is particularly suitable for sports enthusiasts, especially surfers, seeking a fun and different total body workout.

Us Brits? We’ll wait and see if it catches on!

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