Six tips for plain old chicken

Six tips for plain old chicken

Ok so as fitness enthusiasts you probably watch what you eat, and you can’t get better than chicken as it’s very lean and has a high protein content and is relatively cheap in comparison to mince and steak. However it does get boring, so here’s a few tips to make that chicken taste better.

1) Marinate you chicken for 24hrs before you cook it. Fruit juices or chicken broth are healthier but other marinades can make it very tasty. The longer you marinate it for the tastier it will be. Always cover and refrigerate though!

2) Seasoning. Use strong seasoning such as hot peppers, fresh herbs, infused vinegars or grated lemon to add real taste.

3) Sautéed chicken tastes good but with the cooking oil can add unwanted fat. Try a non stick grilling option with fresh peppers and onions for something different.

4) It’s far too easy to overcook chicken, particularly when you don’t want to give yourself food poisoning! Instead use a thermostat to check it’s cooked thoroughly. Chicken breasts need to be cooked to 170 degrees F and whole chickens need to be cooked to 180 degrees F. This way you’ll retain more moisture within the meat.

5) If you’re cooking a whole chicken, leave the skin on and remove before eating. This way the meat will retain more moisture and taste.

6) Salt and Sugar rub. Place a chicken breast into a resealable bag with some course salt, brown sugar, black pepper, paprika and chilli powder and rub into the meat. Refrigerate for 8 hours then rinse off all the salt and sugar and cook to your liking!

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