Single Arm High Pulley Row

Single Arm High Pulley Row

This is an excellent exercise to develop the rear deltoids, trapezius, rhomboids and scapula stabilisers, whilst also targeting the obliques and core function.

This can be done either seated or standing, obviously if you’re new to it try it seated, and then progress to standing to develop your stability.

Set the high pulley to its highest setting, grasping the handle with one hand, start with a pronated grip. Fully extend the arm and allow the waist to twist towards the weight stack.

Slowly pull back with the arm, squeezing the lats and traps as you pull the handle towards you.

Gradually supinate the wrist as you pull the handle towards the mid/ lower rib cage, keeping the elbow close to the body.

Pull the handle as far as comfortable.

Slowly return the weight back to the start position under control ensuring it doesn’t snatch on the shoulder/ elbow joint.

Repeat on the other side.

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