Millenials Will Be The Most Obese On Record

Millenials Will Be The Most Obese On Record

Millennials are on course to be the most obese generation since records began, according to a study by Cancer Research UK.

A whopping 70% of adults born between the early eighties and mid nineties will be overweight or obese before they reach middle age.

Cancer Research UK said this compares with only 50% of baby boomers (born between 1945 and 1955) who were obese by the time middle age struck.

Where are we going wrong?

The abundance of convenient foods available to us makes healthy, make-at-home choices seem much less convenient in today’s hectic lifestyle. We eat on the run, opt for quick fixes to quash our appetites and dine out more than ever before.

Whilst many Brits think they’re making saintly choices when it comes to eating out, the lack of nutritional guidance on what we’re actually eating, coupled with the above-average portin sizes can quickly lead us to underestimate exactly how many calories we’re taking in. A third of Brits now underestimate their daily calorie intake. It’s surprising stuff.

We work more, leaving less time for exercise thanks to challenging careers, family life and busy social schedules.

Plus, we’re uneducated on the benefits of physical activity in the fight against obesity and related life-threatening illnesses.


What can we do about it?

Educating the nation on what the body needs to function effectively, and how to prepare simple, healthy, and realistic meals will make a huge impact in the number of millenials heading towards obesity in later life. Not to mention the 33,000 premature deaths linked to being overweight.

Our Obesity & Diabetes Specialist course will equip you with the tools required to plan and monitor effective programmes for the overweight and obese. Covering the nutritional basis of healthy eating, the physiology and psychology of dieting and educating individuals on the analysis of food labels, you’ll have the professional qualification to provide advice to those ready to manage their weight now, for a longer and healthier life.

If you’re ready to help tackle obesity and diet-related illnesses, speak to the Focus team about our Obesity Specialist course, and get yourself prepared to shape the nation!

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