Meet a Sports Massage Student Turned Tutor

Meet a Sports Massage Student Turned Tutor

We love to see our students do great things in the industry. This is why we are always keeping up with what our students have gone on to achieve in the industry, with some students even choosing to come back to us to be a tutor and help train the next industry pioneers.

Meet Natasha, who has trained with us to become a reputable industry professional. See how she has worked with us and how she is pioneering the Sports Massage industry.


  • Sports massage level 3,
  • medical acupuncture,
  • cosmetic acupuncture
  • Auricular and Microsystems acupuncture,
  • advanced massage techniques
  • Chinese cupping therapy
  • IQA level 4
  • L2 gym
  • L3 PT

What made you want to become a practitioner?

This may sound weird considering I am a Trainer myself, but it was in fact when I got an injury from training too hard that I began to look at Sports Massage as a career. From going to sessions myself, I could see the huge potential that Sports Massage holds for people who like to go to the gym and even those who don’t.

From here, I decided to add on Sports Massage therapy to my repertoire on top of my Personal Training qualifications, as this allowed me to be able to offer additional services to my Personal Training clients, which in turn would set me apart from the competition. On top of the initial benefits that it had, it also gave me a wider view of the industry, as it helped me to look beyond just the training sessions to help clients. With Sports Massage, I am able to help clients keep fit and also recover from any injuries they may have picked up.

When I started out as a practitioner, I decided that I wanted to build my Sports Massage career further, so I got a position in a sports massage clinic to support the clients’ recovery, and this really helped me to establish my skills and expertise before progressing further.

How did you become a practitioner?

I trained with Focus to become a practitioner by doing level 2 gym and l3 pt prior to training in sports massage. To build my experience, I offered sports massage to clients to build a package that I could offer, and this made it easier to build my qualifications and experience into a fitness business. As my experience grew, I decided to focus on soft tissue therapies as well as teaching sports massage, as this helped me to focus in on more niche areas of recovery and Sports Massage and continue to further my expertise.

I noticed this was my calling when I had my injury, as I saw the huge potential of massage and I could also not do as much training down to the injury. Although it has turned out positive as I have focused in on something I enjoy.

What are you doing now since you have become a practitioner?

Since becoming a qualified Sports Massage practitioner, I have been able to help so many different people with different lifestyles. I started out in a Sports Massage clinic, and I have since opened my own clinic called 360 Therapies in Central Knutsford, which has also given me the chance to think beyond the therapy when it comes to Sports Massage, as it has given me experience in the business side of things, which will definitely help me in the future.

Even if you’re just looking to offer the standard sessions instead of building a business out of it, this experience will help you carry yourself as a practitioner and help you gain loyal clients and offer sessions that will make you a successful Sports Massage Practitioner.

On top of owning my own clinic, I am also now working with Focus as a course tutor and assessor, as I really enjoyed being involved with them when I was training, so I saw it as the perfect opportunity to be involved with helping people in yet another way.

5 Tips to Become a Sports Massage Practitioner

It is tough to set out just 5 tips, but I would say that my main advice to anyone starting out in Sports Massage is:

  • Treat as many different people as possible and train as many body types as possible to allow you to become more comfortable with applying therapy to a wide range of individuals.
  • If your clients are confident in your experience, they are more likely to keep you.
  • Always be professional.
  • Find your own niche to stand out.
  • Always strive to learn more and stay educated.

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