Measuring For Success | Advanced Client Appraisal

Measuring For Success | Advanced Client Appraisal

When it comes to achieving any kind of  goal, regular monitoring and assessment is key to staying on track, and knowing when you’ve hit the objective.

When striving for a big promotion at work, we draw on the results of appraisals to showcase our strengths and work on our weaknesses. When learning to drive, we follow a strict checklist of tasks to master and areas to practice the heck out of (parallel park, anyone?)

And when it comes to achieving fitness goals, the same measurement applies.  Monitoring and evaluation is the driving force of any fitness programme. The results of an in depth client appraisal will not only reinforce your expertise as a Personal Trainer, but motivate your clients as they see their own success. So, it’s essential that you, as a Personal Trainer, have a sound understanding of a range of fitness benchmarking and analysis techniques as part of the service you offer to clients.

Our Advanced Client Appraisal Course will equip you with the knowledge to decide which tests to apply to which clients and then administer appropriate assessments, from weight and body fat levels to strength and endurance levels, lung capacity and blood pressure.

Armed with this information you’ll have a far greater understanding of your clients’ progress and the effectiveness of the exercise programme that you have prescribed.

You’ll cover:

  • Health screening and safety concerns
  • Passive fitness assessments including blood pressure testing, skin fold measuring, postural analysis
  • Active fitness assessments including movement screening, VO2 Max assessments, muscular strength and endurance assessments
  • Exercise counselling

If you’re ready to expand on your expertise and measure up to the ever increasing competition within the fitness industry, speak to the team about our Advanced Client Appraisal Course, or click here for more info!

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