Marketing Yourself As A Personal Trainer

Marketing Yourself As A Personal Trainer

Many Personal Trainers admit that they couldn’t market their way out of a paper bag! They become Personal Trainers because they want to help people smash their fitness goals and live healthier lifestyles. But when it comes to making your PT business a success, marketing is just as crucial as that fitness knowledge.

Without marketing, even the most experienced Personal Trainers will struggle to generate new clients. Because even the best trainers won’t attract clients if their potential customers don’t know they exist.

So how can you spread the word about brand you, quickly, widely and without spending a fortune?


You can set up a simple website very easily, without the need for web development skills. Try Wix or WordPress for a quick and easy template-based site.

Showcase your services through use of eye-catching photos and videos to show your personality.

Make sure your contact details are prominent, and that you showcase any testimonials from current or past clients. People are more likely to buy when recommended by others.

Don’t just shout about what you do, tell the world how you do it. Are you patient, approachable? Sell your services, as well as the traits that set you apart from the rest.

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Sure, we live in a digital age, though that doesn’t mean all of you potential clients do. Approach your local coffee shops, off-licences and corner shops with flyers advertising your business.

Most local businesses will be happy to pop them in either their windows or on their message boards. Business owners like to see their fellow entrepreneurs succeed.

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A great way to market your Personal Training business, as well as build on your reputation as an expert in the industry, is to speak at local community clubs, social groups and health club seminars. Hold a special session for those interested in weight loss, strength training or conditioning exercises. Host your own fitness Q&A for newbies. Or volunteer to go into workplaces to offer lunchtime fitness groups. Take plenty of business cards along to hand out afterwards.

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Use LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to engage with health and fitness brands. Comment on their posts, ask questions and interact. The more sociable you are online, the more you heighten awareness of Brand You.

If you have a way with words, use your blog to leverage your position of expertise online. Share blogs relevant to your industry on your LinkedIn and Twitter profiles for added exposure.

Join groups to position yourself as an expert in your field. Add your own content to groups to share news, tips, blogs or opinions on your sector.

Contribute to ongoing conversations in industry-aligned groups. It shows your passion for your sector and will generate awareness of you as an individual.

Share your own work. A portfolio, a video , case studies from clients you’ve worked with, or even motivational before and after shots if your clients are happy for you to share.  Shout about your results… not just your services.

Ask for endorsements and recommendations. LinkedIn endorsements are a great way to build your online CV. The most common way of getting a recommendation is to recommend someone else. Ask for recommendations from people who know your work well and who you know will speak highly of you

Create a business page on Facebook and ask your clients to follow you. You’re more likely to gain referrals from happy clients that shout about you.

Add your work experience to your profiles. You could either list it in the About Me section on Facebook, use the milestones to showcase your career successes or highlight your qualifications in your bio.



Consider volunteering to write a guest column. Most local papers are constantly searching for free copy to fill their pages! Plus there are thousands of online fitness sites that would be happy to feature advice from a qualified professional. (Including us… get in touch!)


Set yourself up a YouTube channel where you can post regular videos for your fans. It doesn’t need to be a professional production worthy of an Oscar. Keep it simple, short and make sure your voice is clear.

Introduce yourself and your services, ask clients to get involves in a quick Q&A about their progress, offer advice on recipes or workout technique, and comment on what’s happening in your industry.

Share your videos across your social channels for an added boost of exposure. With so many video bloggers out there, it’s easy to get lost in the crowd.

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Don’t discount the value of positive word-of-mouth advertising. People are far more likely to believe the good things that their friends, family members and co-workers say about a business than they are the praises they read in an advertisement.

Remind your current (and happy!) clients to spread the word about your services. Word of mouth marketing is sometimes the most powerful of them all.

For some, marketing isn’t that much fun.   But by taking the time out to sell yourself and your services, you will not only build on your credibility, but attract new clients along the way. And that, is fun!

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