Lessons to be learned
Lessons to be learned

Lessons to be learned

Mis-sold PPI PT!

What a waste of money! A student applied to enrol on an Exercise Referral course with us. They were given all the details which included the prerequisite for the course. The student offered a Personal Training certificate which was perfect until!!!

A copy of the certificate arrived, and it was totally unacceptable. The student had paid the grand total of £300 for the certificate and upon the investigation, they had studied for a total of 15 hours.

The qualification had no practical assessment and no face to face tuition.

Is it any wonder that employers are extremely sceptical of PT certificates?

Consequently, the learner has wasted good money and had to undertake the qualification again. However, this took substantially longer than 15 hours (because how do you become fully qualified in 15 hours?). As a result, the student had to attend practical tuition sessions with the practical assessment at the conclusion.

Be careful where you invest your time and money…

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