Less Fizz… More Fitness For Today’s Students

Less Fizz… More Fitness For Today’s Students

Health-conscious students are cutting back on the excessive boozing and now spend nearly four times more on fitness than they did a decade ago.

Student letting app SPCE, which launches next month, found that the previously popular weekend booze fest was now at the bottom of student’s list of outgoings. On average, students spend £68 per month on alcohol, with 18% spending nothing at all (though this might well be down for a knack of getting others to buy their drinks!)

Students are instead splurging more on health and fitness, such as gym memberships, exercise classes and sports activities, at an average cost of £120 per month (£87 more than students who graduated between 1997 and 2017 spent).

The survey found that student outgoings cost on average:

  • £274 per month for rent and bills
  • £235 a month for travel (up from £68)
  • £157 per month for food and essentials (up from £97)
  • …plus the £120 per month on fitness.

So it seems that once the necessities are taken care of, today’s students are much more focused on their health and well-being than maintaining a party lifestyle.

Of course, student life isn’t easy. So the survey also found that our undergraduates are more inclined to head to the Bank of Mum and Dad for a little assistance… on average 5 times a year, at a rate of around £190 per month.

It’s great to see that the next generation are investing in their future health, and taking a keen interest in fitness. So it’s not surprising to see so many more students opting for a career in the thriving fitness sector.

Today, there are more options for qualified fitness professionals than ever before. From online fitness influencers to luxury health consultants and specialist Personal Trainers, those with a passion for fitness look forward to a healthy career in the sector.

If you’re considering a career in fitness, and are ready to help coach the growing number of health savvy students making their way onto the gym floor, speak to our team about becoming a qualified Gym Instructor or Personal Trainer, or click here to see where your fitness career could take you.

*SPCE study of over 2,000 people 

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