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Personal Trainer Birkenhead


Training spaces and reception work

Job Details

Salary Details N/A
Region England - North West
Closing Date 28-02-2019
Employer Self employed
Reference Titans PT
Place of Work Titans Gym Birkenhead Merseyside

Job Description

Opportunities are available for you to join our floor training staff for a very favourable floor rent consisting of a maximum of just £250 per calendar month. The floor rent is payable monthly in advance and is calculated using the number of client sessions you have booked in that month multiplied by £2.50. This means that you only pay no more than £2.50 per client session! If for example you have 90 client sessions booked in for a month then you will only pay 90x£2.50=£225. The monthly floor rent is capped at £250 for each month so if you have over 100 client sessions per month you only pay for 100 the rest are not charged. Discounts are available if you train Titans Gym Ltd. members themselves meaning you are rewarded if you encourage clients to join Titans Gym Ltd.

We are also looking for PT staff to work shifts on reception during staffed hours in Titans Gym Ltd. Duties include processing gym memberships and key fobs, selling drinks and supplement products from the shop, cashing up the EPOS cash register at the end of a shift (involves pressing one button!) and keeping the gym floor clean and tidy. The gym opens and closes itself via a system of timed electronic lighting timers and security shutters so the only job involved in opening up and locking up is placing the front access doors on and releasing them from their retaining hooks which are kept in an open position during staffed hours.

The shifts are fully paid on a self-employed basis at £8 per hour. A deduction is made from floor rent to cover the payment. If this deduction is not sufficient then funds will be paid straight into your bank account on a weekly basis on the Friday of the working week. An opportunity is available for extra cover shifts too as and when they come up.

If you are interested then please get in touch.

How to Apply

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