What’s The Goal?

What’s The Goal?

“It’s too expensive”.  “I don’t have the willpower”.  “I’d rather work out alone.” These are common responses heard by Personal Trainers in leisure clubs across the UK.  They are also some of the main reasons Personal Trainers (especially those newly qualified and setting up in the industry) say they struggle to bring on clients.

The truth is, far from overstretched wallets, fear of being put through a military-style boot camp session, or having row upon row of treadmill users observing the event, many people decline the support of a Personal Training session because they don’t fully understand what it involves. And when people don’t understand something, it’s highly unlikely they will buy it.

So, the important factor for all Personal Trainers, Gym Instructors and Fitness Professionals, is a bit of Focus. What do your prospective clients want? They want to achieve something, otherwise, they wouldn’t be there in the first place. Tap into their goals and you’ll give your Personal Training business a whole new positioning.

Put yourself into their running shoes…

Think about what the average person understands of ‘Personal Training’. They probably conjure up images of fearless instructors putting them through their paces and forcing them to sweat. Or perhaps celebrities enduring gruelling 3-hour sessions with complicated moves and eye-watering positions.  Sure, these ideas are focussed on training the body, but for most, they are about as appealing as the Cabbage Soup Diet. And certainly not worth parting with their precious time, money or dignity!

So what do they want? A flatter stomach. Better toned arms.  More energy.  When you consider the results of training as opposed to the  process itself, you immediately create emotion (and therefore the motivation to achieve them!)

Slimline your services…

Think about the common headlines you see on the covers of fitness magazines… “Sculpted arms in 4 weeks”. “The five best moves for a six-pack”.  “Burn fat quicker with the same routine”.  They are all carefully written to appeal to what people desire: quick, simple results.

Now, we’re not suggesting you make outrageous claims like those above, but if you can find out what result in someone is seeking and can provide a specific solution to achieve it, you have something people actually want.

Get Sociable…

Get out there and talk to your potential clients. Stroll the club, chat to regular gym-goers and find out how their fitness plan is working for them.  Offer a few pointers to improve their technique.  Find out what they want, what they need, and why.  Then structure your services and marketing around what you discover. For example, male clients may want to ‘bulk up’ in order to look better. So you could offer ‘effective mass gain’ training. Female clients may want to lose body fat so how about designing a ‘body sculpting’ programme. As much as a bin man sounds much more refined as a Waste Disposal Manager, get creative with your own business as a ‘Body Transformation Coach’

If your clients are simply looking to take an hour out of their day to de-stress, put together a ‘chill-out’ package involving gentle exercise, stretching and relaxation techniques. This way you’re not selling Personal Training, you’re selling the results people are looking for.

Like any business, the key is to do your research and understand what people want, and what will encourage them to engage with you, and ultimately, buy from you.  Don’t create grand illusions or big dreams. Simply establish yourself as what you are – an expert in the field of Personal Training. No megaphones. No ‘get down and give me twenty’. And no clients running for the hills!

Have you’ve what it takes? You have a fondness for fitness, ambitions to create an attitude that will not change. You’ve the makings of a future fitness leader. Our popular courses relating to this blog post what’s the goal? include our personal trainer courses, gym instructor courses, exercise referral courses and the ever popular sports massage courses.

Whether you would like to coach members at your local health club, lead your own studio classes or perhaps get the little folks moving. A Level two personal training diploma course qualification is exactly where it all begins. All our courses are actually intended to provide you with the essential tools to become a fully certified fitness professional. Via our home page you are able to find personal trainer courses.

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