Is Fitness Tech More Effective Than a Trip to The Doctors?

Is Fitness Tech More Effective Than a Trip to The Doctors?

As fitness grows, we are seeing the rise of fitness technology, which can come in many forms, from fitness trackers to mobile apps and at home tech. With many people using their fitness technology for tracking exercise rates and the number of steps they can do a day, the impact of this tech-based revolution is huge, and now, research has shown that fitness tech can even be more beneficial than a trip to the doctors when it comes to monitoring the health of the heart.

A new study from the University of Edinburgh and NHS Lothian has suggested that an at-home heart monitor, known as Kardia Mobile is five times more effective than expensive hospital equipment when it comes to monitoring heart rhythms; giving new hopes for taking more weight off the shoulders of health experts and giving the public more possibilities to look after their health.

With 160,000 people dying from heart and circulatory diseases per year in the UK, this research holds huge opportunities for health experts, as the results showed that Kardia Mobile was able to detect heart problems up to three weeks earlier than hospital equipment. These findings open up huge options for tackling potential heart problems at an earlier stage and lowering the number of deaths related to heart problems. Due to this, health experts are urging accident and emergency units across the UK to adopt Kardia Mobile in hopes of improving patient care and reducing the amount spent analysing heart health.

With the fitness-related benefits of this new tech being clear, experts such as Dr. Ruth Maher state that the benefits go further than just tracking steps and being active, as she said; “Wearable technology can empower us to be proactive and enables us to take control of our own health in the convenience of our own homes.”  With many people not keeping fit down to not having enough time, having options such as fitness apps and wearables gives them the opportunity to efficiently look after their health.

Beyond fitness technology taking some weight off the shoulders of already stretched NHS, it also gives Personal Trainers to have more of an involvement with their clients and get more from their training. Using fitness technology such as My Fitness Pal allows Personal Trainers with Nutrition for Sports qualifications to look into clients’ eating and exercise habits; allowing them to do more and track their progression.

Along with meal and nutrition plans, wearable fitness tech helps Personal Trainers and their clients’ to track their heart rate, and for the Trainers who have clients who have specific health problems, this can help to keep training safer and as effective as possible.

Although many Personal Trainers may want to get clients in and out of the door, the most successful Personal Trainers go beyond the norms to make sure their clients are happy and are progressing as they should. Many Trainers do this by utilising the potential of fitness technology to motivate their clients to stay on track by setting exercise and nutrition goals that can be easily tracked using the variety of apps and tech that is available today.

Overall, the potential that wearables and fitness tech bring to the fitness industry is huge, and this new research just confirms the how monumental that it could be not only for those looking to keep fit but for the whole health and fitness industry.

If you’re looking to turning your passion for fitness into a career and get involved with the growing potential that fitness technology brings, the potential to do so is huge, with industry-recognised fitness qualifications allowing people from all backgrounds to further their passion for fitness and turn it into a career. Take a look at our Active IQ accredited fitness courses to see how you can take your passion for fitness further.

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