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How to Become a Personal Trainer

The path to becoming a recognised Personal Trainer can be confusing. Take a look at the path to being a Personal Trainer.

Reputability is Everything

When it comes to becoming a Personal Trainer, it is vital that you build up your industry recognition as quickly as possible with qualifications that are credible across the industry. This is down to numerous Personal Trainer courses offering a qualification without the reputability and expertise to back it up.

We see too many people who are on the road to becoming Personal Trainers struggle to get employed or gain loyal clients. This is because many training providers offer qualifications without them being supported by industry awarding bodies. Awarding body accreditation is a key aspect of identifying and becoming a Personal Trainer, so securing your recognition through industry-backed courses is vital when looking to become a Personal Trainer.

Making sure your qualifications are industry recognised can consist of a few things, but the main way to check course reputability is by checking their awarding bodies. Reputable fitness qualifications will be supported by Active IQ, YMCA or REPs, which are the main awarding bodies of the industry.

Becoming a member of REPs is the biggest piece of advice we can give if you’re finding out how to become a Personal Trainer, as REPs set out to make sure the public are trained by only the most reputable and qualified professionals. Being REPs accredited isn’t just a positive sign for employers, it is one of the few ways that the public can make sure their Personal Trainer is qualified to do the job.

Unrecognised courses will stay far away from talking about awarding bodies, so keep your eye out for awarding body recognition when you’re on the road to becoming a Personal Trainer.


What do I need to become a Personal Trainer?

When it comes to being a Personal Trainer, you are required to be trained by a provider who is supported by the industry’s awarding bodies. The qualifications that you need before you can become a Personal Trainer prepare you to take on the tougher sections of the course.

Many people looking to enter the industry think that you must have a complete fitness background to do so but with the accreditations on offer in today’s industry, it is simpler than that.

No matter what prior experience you have, it is more than possible to become a Personal Trainer, with Level 2 Gym Instructor courses opening up the door to becoming a Personal Trainer. On completion of your Level 2 qualification, you will be able to start on your Level 3 Personal Trainer course, which is the final step to becoming a qualified Personal Trainer.

With the growing number of courses on offer, becoming a Personal Trainer is possible for many more people.


To become a Personal Trainer, you must have the following qualification:


Level 2 Gym Instructor Course


Don’t worry if you don’t have your Level 2 Gym Instructor course, you can cover both the Level 2 Gym and Level 3 Personal Trainer course in one, with our Personal Trainer Diploma. Our diploma course helps aspiring Personal Trainers to fast track to being an industry-recognised Personal Trainer, as they are able to work towards their Level 3 qualification as soon as their Level 2 is complete.

Help & Advice for Becoming a Personal Trainer

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A Day In The Life As A Pure Gym Personal Trainer

The possibilities of reputable Personal Trainer qualifications

If you’re new to the fitness industry, it can be hard to think of Personal Training as anything more than training clients with gym sessions. Although, as the industry continues to grow, it is becoming more common for industry professionals to leave the generic view of Personal Training behind and pursue a niche area of health and fitness.

With Specialist and CPD courses allowing Trainers to certify their expertise in an area of fitness, it is now easier for Trainers to offer new and exciting sessions and services to the public. Take a look at some of the unique fitness careers to see if there’s one to inspire you.

Our CPD courses make it possible for dedicated professionals to become a pioneering Personal Trainer by going beyond the norms of the industry. Being qualified to offer more than just generic training sessions allows trainers to help clients manage their overall well-being, rather than just their physical fitness. This is one way that professionals are becoming industry leading Personal Trainers.