Holidays Are Coming… Keep The Kids Active!

Holidays Are Coming… Keep The Kids Active!

With the Christmas holidays approaching, children in their masses are looking forward to a fortnight of fun, food and festive films! Whilst we want our little ones to enjoy their school holidays, it can be all too easy for parents to allow their children to shun the physical activity (after all, it’s freezing out there!)

Throughout the year, we’ve reported that childhood obesity had become “an exploding nightmare” in the developing world. Peter Gluckman, a co-chair of the WHO has previously said:

“It’s not the kids’ fault. You can’t blame a two-year-old child for being fat and lazy and eating too much.”

We’d have to agree. The issue of childhood obesity and increasingly more sedentary lifestyles is something we have to take charge of.

Childhood obesity has both short and long-term effects on their health. Immediate issues include increased risk of cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure and pre-diabetes.

Long-term,  children who are obese are likely to be obese as adults and are therefore at greater risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, stroke, and osteoarthritis.

We’re all aware that the solution to childhood obesity is a healthy diet and regular exercise, though putting the good intentions into place isn’t as easy as it sounds for busy parents. Add to this the influence advertising, peer groups and society has on a child’s food preferences and you’ve got a full blown lifestyle makeover on your hands.

Whilst schools play a key part in guiding children towards healthy eating choices and encouraging activity, when the kids are out for the holidays, good practice can go quickly astray. The rates of physical activity for kids have dropped drastically in the past two years.

More and more parents are opting for the services of professional Kids Fitness Instructors to help educate children on the importance of leading a healthy and active lifestyle. As a role model that isn’t their parent, teacher or other dominant figure, as a Kids Fitness Instructor, you’ll play a key part in shaping the choices children make for a healthy future.

It’s not simply about getting them outdoors for a run around. It’s about showing them the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and introducing exercise in an uber cool way!

If you think you’d make a great Kids Fitness Instructor, take a look at the details online, or speak to them team to request a course prospectus.

Let’s get the kids moving!

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