Personal Trainers | Helping Women Fight The Fear!

Personal Trainers | Helping Women Fight The Fear!

In a recent survey conducted by Sport England, it’s been reported that a whopping 75 percent of women said they wanted to exercise more, but still couldn’t bring themselves to hit the gym.

Sure, we all have our bugbears about the gym environment – too many queues for machines, treadmill talkers and kettlebell hoggers to name a few! However researchers say these women skipped the sweat-fest for one glowing reason… the fear of being judged.

It’s hardly a surprise given that we’re bombarded with images of uber fit women in the media, including in adverts for our very own health club. It not only makes us wonder whether these images should be our ideal, but leads to mental comparisons between ourselves and every other woman pounding the cross trainer beside us. And who wants to be compared to others whilst wearing spandex and pouring with sweat?

For those embarking on a spanking new fitness regime, the terror of setting foot in the gym can be even worse. Not only do we have the fear of how we look, but we also have to take to the treadmill as though we know what we’re doing! So many buttons… do I want pre-programmed or freestyle? What’s a BPM?

In the study, a huge number of gym newbies said they didn’t want to make a mistake or look like they didn’t know what they were doing with the vast array of workout equipment.

So, are women doomed to confine their workout to the comfort of their living room to escape the fear of failure?

Nope! It’s all about learning the ropes and boosting confidence. There is no one right way to workout, and no one way women should look (although the media would have us think otherwise!)  This is where qualified personal trainers come in. Far from simply setting programmes and doling out diet plans, a successful personal trainer acts as a coach, a motivator and a personal cheerleader.  Women who don’t feel as confident as their co-gymmers will benefit massively from a little equipment education and a lot of motivational support.

As a qualified personal trainer, you’ll have the tools, and the insight into where women (and men too!) could use your professional guidance. And the next time you spot a newbie on the gym floor, you’ll be ready and waiting to show them the ropes!

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