Helping the nation become more active

Helping the nation become more active

There is still a large proportion of the UK population who are either too afraid to exercise and don’t have the confidence to go for a short jog outside, or join their local gym, and that is why personal trainers like yourself can help combat these fears and increase a person’s confidence. And the best way to achieve this is by gaining your fitness qualifications from Focus Training.

According to latest research by Mintel, 30% of Brits fail to exercise and there are various reasons as to why, but the nation is calling for more fitness professionals to introduce health and fitness to this minority. There are effective home exercises that can be done to help build a healthy lifestyle and stay fitter. These include jogging up and down the stairs, doing a 30 second plank, trying to stand up more and move around if you’re sat down for long periods of time, doing some leg raises and more housework!

It will take a lot more to improve a person’s lifestyle and with you achieving your fitness qualifications, it will be you that will make a huge impact on someone’s life. Focus Training has a range of personal training courses available including you becoming a freelance personal trainer or an outdoor fitness instructor, both of which are beneficial for the proportion of Brits who don’t exercise.

Help the nation become more active by registering for one of our personal trainer courses and get your fitness qualifications.

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