Growing Opportunities For Personal Trainers

Growing Opportunities For Personal Trainers

Whilst a great majority of the British population has become relatively sedentary, there are always those individuals who seek to better themselves and stay healthy regardless of the rest of the country’s bad habits. Some do so out on the road for a spot of (semi) fresh air, others hit the gym, and those that need a dash of support and strategic planning to keep them on track, turn to the help of a Personal Trainer.

Personal trainers are appropriate for almost anyone with an interest in living a healthy lifestyle or maximising their physical potential. This is part of the reason that statistics predict a 28% shortage of Personal Trainers this year.

Athletes have begun to increase their overall strength and agility thanks to Personal Trainers, which may also account for part of this exceptional demand. Individuals are also becoming more conscious about the monumental struggle against obesity, prompting them to make a change to their lifestyle. So in response to the demand, the Personal Training industry is growing, and is expected to grow by a further 27% over the next few years.

A great time for those considering becoming a Personal Trainer to ‘weigh’ up their options and ‘workout’ the next step in their career!

For anyone with a genuine passion for fitness, the opportunity to turn their passion into a career as a Personal Trainer is promising. As the current unemployment rate is higher, many people are looking for new careers, and what better way to do this than converting a hobby into a successful business? And with recognised professional courses available to help them get there, the industry is quickly expanding with fitness professionals set to make a very successful living.

Speak to our team about our range of Personal Trainer, Gym Instructor and Fitness Professional courses!

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