GPs Giving Prescriptions for Exercise Instead of Drugs!

GPs Giving Prescriptions for Exercise Instead of Drugs!

Our GP Exercise Referral is the most comprehensive and best value on the market today – Guaranteed! It seems to be an accepted practice that when somebody gets ill, they make an appointment to see the doctor, the GP diagnoses the ailment and reaches for the prescription pad. The good news is a cultural shift is beginning to occur that is slightly changing this cycle. Instead of prescribing drugs, our GP’s are prescribing exercise!

With the increasingly high amount of obesity, heart disease and general lifestyle illnesses on the increase, there is a demand for the specialist personal trainer who can safely and effectively work with these clients.

Focus Training’s GP Exercise Referral qualification gives you the knowledge, and most importantly the practical skills to set up a professional business linking with GP surgeries. The essential skills you will learn are:

  • Understanding medical conditions and medications
  • Medical evaluation and prescription for controlled conditions
  • Progressive programming
  • Lifestyle, health and government policy
  • Behavioural change and motivational interviewing
  • Skills to successfully generate business and coordinate schemes

Please click here to find out more about our GP Exercise Referral training course.

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