Fitness Instructor Qualification – Certification Minefield
Fitness Instructor Qualification – Certification Minefield

Fitness Instructor Qualification – Certification Minefield

Many people looking to undertake Fitness Instructor qualifications are new to the industry. Therefore, they are unaware of just what they are purchasing.

There are some training providers that issue their own certificate which then lead to problems later. Most certificates within the fitness industry are issued by awarding bodies who are regulated by OFQUAL.  Their certificates must contain the OFQUAL logo.

What does this mean?

The awarding bodies must gain approval for the qualification certificate. Ensuring that they deliver the same assessment structure as other awarding organisations.

The training provider certification does not allow progression to higher qualifications as there is no regulation governing the issuing of the certificates. Meaning that in some cases students would have to repeat the qualification in order to progress.

The student will have wasted time and money on a qualification that is useless.

What role do Reps and CIMSPA have in the process?

Just because a provider might get a CIMSPA or Reps logo on their courses, this does not necessarily ensure that the student can progress. Here again, the OFQUAL logo is paramount as it is the standard that should be adopted across the industry.

Buyer beware. Marketing tactics have become increasingly smart to get around this issue.

  1. When inquiring about a course ask if the certification has an OFQUAL logo (it is illegal to use it if the qualification is not recognised)
  2. Logos on certificates have little or no indication of quality unless it is OFQUAL or an awarding body logo.
  3. Make sure that there is no extra charge for the crucial certificate.
  4. Contact the awarding body quoted to ensure that the training provider is registered with them.
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