Fitness In The Workplace

Fitness In The Workplace

Every day, Brits in their thousands head to work, where they’ll sit down for eight hours without leaving their seats. We spend our days sitting at desks, staring at screens and even lunching in front of the computer thanks to increasingly hectic schedules.

Encouraging fitness in the workplace can be extremely beneficial for employers. The endorphins released when we exercise lead to better self-confidence, more energy and less stress.

Fit and healthy employees are also much less likely to take sick days. Their immune systems are better equipped to fend off the frequent office viruses that make their way around – if something nasty is going about the office, those with a healthier lifestyle tend to be far less likely to fall ill.

Many businesses are now encouraging staff to get a little exercise throughout the working day. Not only does this result in less duvet days, it also helps to boost team morale, concentration and lower stress levels.

June is National Employee Wellness Month, so what better way to instil a little inspiration than taking fitness into the workplace?

While we all dream of following in Googles footsteps, we can’t all afford to build our very own in-house gym for employees. So there are a number of other ways businesses can help get their people up and moving.

Organise outdoor meetings and get down to business in the great outdoors. Fresh air is a great way to improve concentration and get the creative juices flowing. For team meetings, make it a walk rather than a sit down do. Best for small groups, (unless you want the rest of the building to wonder why the whole office is pacing the perimeter) walk and talk to get your steps in and the heart pumping.

Arrange the office in a way that encourages people to get up from their desks more to avoid long periods of sitting. Top tip: put the most used items furthest away, such as the photocopier, the kettle or the phone charger cables!

Many companies now have office sports teams or take part in charity fundraisers to keep up their fitness in the workplace.

For those lacking in office fitspiration, a Personal Trainer is a great way to get a business active. Those qualified to design and deliver exercise programmes can open themselves up to a whole new corporate client base. Whether it’s a lunchtime exercise to music session, an outdoor running club or individual training sessions, the opportunities for Personal Trainers continue to grow as the corporate world begins to focus more on fitness.

Many office diets aren’t always the picture of health! An abundance of pastries, microwave meals and sugary snacks makes office workers lethargic, lack concentration and pile on the pounds! A qualified Personal Trainer can create a healthy recipe exchange or have themed lunches to encourage something a little more saintly for the serial snackers!  It’s much easier to eat well when everyone around you is doing the same!

If you’re keen to tap into the corporate client market, consider creating themed meal plans, your own cookbook or a list of food substitutes for office workers to follow. No matter how small the changes, they all add up to a healthier workforce.

If you’re a qualified Personal Trainer, it’s a great time to get yourself out and about to help shape up the business professionals of Britain!

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