Feeding The Fight Against Obesity

Feeding The Fight Against Obesity

The NHS Chief Executive will announce this week, a plan to urge staff to join weight-watching groups and take out gym memberships in the fight against obesity.

1.35million NHS employees will form part of a nationwide ‘lead by example’ effort to highlight the dangers of poor diet and sedentary lifestyles. The fitness-fuelled initiative will see a reduction in the amount of high-sugar and high-fat products sold within hospitals, instead offering healthy food for employees around the clock.

Currently, only around a quarter of hospitals offer healthy food to night staff, meaning they often turn to quick fix microwave meals and vending machines when break time comes. So it’s little surprise that many folk follow in the footsteps of those working to improve our health!

A senior NHS source, speaking ahead of Stevens’s report, said it’s now time for the NHS to ‘up its game’ on obesity. One in five young people and one in four adults in the UK now suffer from obesity – the cause of around 34,000 deaths per year, and costing the NHS more than £1billion.

As NHS staff embark on a new exemplary lifestyle, it’s clear to see how role models can make a significant change when it comes to tackling the obesity crisis. And it’s a great time for qualified fitness professionals to step up and offer the advice and support to keep the nation on track!

Many individuals claim they want a healthier lifestyle, though don’t have the extra time, money or culinary skills to do so! Many fitness professionals will counter… you need none of these!

Those studying our Nutrition & Weight Management course will have the sense-savvy strategies to design eating plans that not only manage a healthy weight, but a nutritional lifestyle…. for the long haul! It’s not about posh nosh, health foods and celebrity-inspired fads! It’s about the knowledge of what does good, tastes good, and fits in with today’s hectic schedules!

If you’re looking to add a specialist bow to your belt. speak to the team about our personal trainer courses, nutritional coach and exercise specialist courses.  As health workers do their bit to set an example towards a cleaner lifestyle, fitness leaders need to be ready to show them the way!

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