Demand For Specialist Personal Trainers On The Rise

Demand For Specialist Personal Trainers On The Rise

As the healthcare sector’s demand for referral specialists continues to increase, opportunities for those qualified as fitness specialists are on the rise.

Personal Trainers looking to tap into the increasing need for fitness specialists, must demonstrate skills that show they understand just what’s required to treat and manage a range of health issues. Until now, there hasn’t been a professional fitness course to provide the key tools required to do so. That’s why we at Focus Training have developed two brand new elite qualifications to help Personal Trainers specialise in shaping the nation. The first, is our Master Personal Training Diploma. The second, the Specialist…

With the drive to improve the health of the nation, healthcare experts are in need of qualified specialists to provide carefully planned, well executed and meticulously measured exercise programmes to prevent and improve a number of health issues.

Whether it’s tackling the increase in sedentary lifestyles, using exercise as a treatment for poor mental health, ensuring new mothers are getting back into fitness safely, or providing fitness plans for those experiencing age-related health concerns. As a Specialist Personal Trainer, you’ll be qualified to cater to the growing number of niche areas that require professional fitness support.

As part of your Specialist Personal Trainer course, you‘ll complete two further modules, Exercise Referral and either Ante & Post Natal Fitness Instructor or Older Adult Coach, in addition to the 3 mandatory modules for the Personal Trainer Certificate.

It’s a tough industry out there, and with more and more fitness fanatics choosing a personal training career every day, branching out into specialist areas will help ensure you stay ahead of the game.

Where will you specialise?

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