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Studio Cycling

Studio Cycling


Studio Cycling Instructor Course

Studio cycling has become a popular choice for those who love a group workout. Our Studio Cycling Course is a big hit with gym staff, particularly fitness instructors. It’s the ultimate calorie burner, so needless to say gym members can’t get enough of it!

As fairly standard pieces of equipment in all fitness clubs, Studio Cycling can offer gym members a new and fun option to increase their fitness level. You can design challenging cycle classes to give new meaning to what many people feel is a fairly mundane part of their routine.

We currently run Studio Cycling Courses in:
  • Manchester (David Lloyd, Trafford Park)
  • Birmingham (David Lloyd)
  • Leeds (The Edge)

Studio Cycling Course | Cycle Instructor Course | Cycling Instructor Course

Check out our Pure Cycle Instructor Courses and launch your career as a Studio Cycling Instructor! Search for Studio Cycling Courses in Manchester and Birmingham.

Run your own cycle classes. Our Studio Cycling Workshop is designed to teach you all of the skills and techniques needed to become a successful studio cycling instructor. Design your own sessions and make them uniquely yours. Get to grips with pedalling pace (cadence) and learn how to take your class on a ‘journey’.

Heads-up, places on the course are always booked early! Contact us right now if you have any questions and we’ll do our very best to help. Book a place on our Cycle Instructor Training Course today!

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Studio Cycling  Instructor Training Course

If you are a gym instructor and already teach studio cycling classes or simply want to add cycle technical know-how to your repertoire, this course will give you the knowledge and expertise to plan and teach sessions. Better yet, your group will get more out of their studio cycling session.

PURE Cycle will give you the knowledge to teach an array of indoor cycling skill levels – meaning you’ll be able to instruct all fitness levels.

Is the PURE CYCLE Instructor Course for me?

This workshop is suitable for all fitness professionals holding a Fitness Instructor Level 2 qualification or Personal Trainer qualification who wish to expand their knowledge and skill set to bring more variety to their sessions. You will be taught how to provide effective Cycle courses in a group exercise situation.

Held at one of our Focus Training venues located throughout the country, this exciting and effective CPD workshop provides participants with the basic skills required to instruct clients in CYCLING disciplines.

  • Exercising safety in the studio
  • Cycling routines for beginners
  • Intermediate and advanced cycling routines
  • Principles of exercise planning
  • Cycle maintenance

The course will run across one day and you will learn everything it takes and more to host a successful indoor cycling class. No matter what the level of your clientele, you will have a routine perfectly suited to their needs.

How will I be assessed?

The course will be assessed by observations made by the tutor on the day of the course so there is no formal exam to do or course work to be completed. Instead, you will receive everything on one day including both your cycle training and assessment.

What are the requirements to enrol on the PURE CYCLE Course?

The qualification requires a specific set of skills to ensure you’re fully up to speed with safety and techniques, and assessment will include:

    • To enrol on the PURE Cycle course, you must already hold a Level 2 Fitness qualification
    • You must be 16 years or older.

Call us today on 0800 999 6664 to speak to one of our Course Advisors.


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