Train in Nutrition for Sport and Exercise Performance.
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Support your clients by developing your Nutrition for Sport and Exercise Performance expertise.

Nutrition course

Nutrition for Sport and Exercise Performance Course.

This nutrition course will provide you with the knowledge to support more advanced clients with more complex and specific nutrition and performance-based goals.

Becoming a trainer

Develop the skills to be able to combine exercise and nutritional advice to support clients to lose weight.

Already Qualified?

Broaden your expertise as a fitness professional, adding to the service you already offer.

Advancing your career

Learn how nutrition and diet can boost recovery and use this knowledge in your training plans.

When it comes to your clients, upping their fitness will be their number one priority. From losing weight to improving strength or appearance, being able to help them in every aspect is vital to ensure you can offer the best service, which in turn will help to bring new clients in.


Active IQ Level 3 Award in Nutrition for Sport and Exercise Performance

Distance Learning | Prices From £275

Understanding nutrition is key to this, and for those working as a personal trainer or even a nutritional adviser, our Nutrition for Sport and Exercise Performance course will provide you with a deeper understanding to help support your clients with their performance-based goals.

Diet for success

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Nutrition for Sport and Exercise Performance course structure

Food plays a vital role in our health, and while exercise is also key to helping with our health and fitness, it works in tandem with what you eat, making nutrition a huge part of the fitness process.

If your clients are looking to lose weight, this is difficult to do with exercise alone as their diet will play a huge part. And when it comes to physical activity, eating well can have huge benefits, such as:

  • Enabling clients to perform their best
  • Reducing the risk of injury and illness
  • Ensuring the best recovery after exercise

When it comes down to it, the most effective programmes for weight loss, or other performance-based goals, use an equal balance of exercise and nutritional knowledge.

Once you’ve enrolled, your dedicated support tutor will call you to talk you through the online learning portal, course content, and assessment guidelines.

Following this, you’ll work together to set realistic dates for the submission of your online coursework, which you can call or e-mail your tutor about for support, as and when required.

If you have any special learning needs our advisers will be happy to do as much as we can to assist get in touch with us or call us on 0800 999 6664.

What will the Nutrition for Sport and Exercise Performance course cover?

As a personal trainer, you must have a clear grasp of nutrition to best help your clients.

So, whether your clients are working with you to lose weight, prepare for an event such as Tough Mudder, or they’re embarking on a bodybuilding journey, this course will give you a broader knowledge of meal timing, supplementation, carb-loading post activity, glycogen replenishment, and much more to help them.

Overall, the Nutrition for Sport and Exercise course will teach you:

  • The need for a healthy, balanced diet to optimise sports performance
  • How to access credible information about sports and performance nutrition
  • The benefits and risks of specific nutritional protocols that may be used to prepare for sports or fitness events
  • The current scientific evidence relating to the safety and efficacy of common, legally available supplements and ergogenic aids

What Certification will I receive?

Once completed, this course will lead to the Active IQ Level 3 Award in Nutrition for Sport and Exercise Performance.

How is the Nutrition for Sport and Exercise Performance course assessed?

On this distance learning course you will be required to deliver one unit of online course work.

If you need any additional learning support, get in touch with us on 0800 999 6664 and we will be happy to help you.

What are the requirements to enrol on the course?

This course is ideal for Personal Trainers who are looking to expand their knowledge of nutrition.

Payment options

If you need help spreading the cost of the course, get in touch with the team on 0800 999 6664 we'll be able to discuss options with you.

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