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Lifting Instructor Course - Free Weight Training Course

Free weights are amongst some of the most popular and effective options for clients who want to build muscle, power and develop core strength.

This is no longer an exercise regime restricted purely to men – with more and more women choosing to take up lifting.

Due to the popularity of lifting, the skills involved in teaching weight-lifting techniques can be an extremely lucrative business. Our PURE Lifting course is a one day workshop designed to give people the knowledge and techniques to do exactly that.

This workshop teaches the correct use of free weights and the subtle adaptations needed for effective exercise prescription.

Course Structure and Content

  • What can I expect to achieve from the PURE Lifting course?

    • Focus Training PURE Lifting Certificate

    You will gain an understanding of the main core of free weight exercises and techniques that clients can use in their training regimes as well as more advance techniques involved in Olympic lifting.

  • What will I learn on the PURE Lifting course?

    Successful course participants will gain a host of new skills, including:

    • Olympic lifting and power training techniques
    • Training and exercise techniques
    • Extensive range of exercises
    • Advanced weight training systems
    • Safe and effective use of equipment
    • Advanced spotting techniques

    The overall focus of this workshop is to teach personal trainers the most effective techniques for weight lifting. Without proper instruction, it is possible that clients could fail to use free weights properly and potentially hurt themselves. For this reason, the PURE Lifting Course will provide fitness professionals with the knowledge to deliver excellent and safe weight lifting programs.

    Furthermore, this workshop is an attractive option for personal trainers who aspire to offer Olympic-level training to clients. In doing so, you will put yourself in the best possible position to offer a lucrative fitness service – something which will only increase in demand as more and more young people take up weight lifting.

  • How will I be assessed?

    You will assessed on an observational basis during the PURE Lifting Course.

  • What are the requirements to enrol on the PURE Lifting Course?

    • Course participants must already hold a Level 2 qualification
    • You must be 16 years or older.

    You will be given a course manual, with further details, once you’ve registered for this course.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who should attend the PURE Lifting workshop?

    This workshop is suitable for all fitness professionals holding a Fitness Instructor Level 2 qualification or Personal Trainer qualification who wish to expand their knowledge and skill set to bring more variety to their sessions.

    It is an exciting and effective CPD workshop providing participants with the basic skills required to instruct clients in Lifting disciplines. This course is only available with Focus Training.

  • How is this course delivered?

    This is a one-day practical workshop at one of our Focus Training venues located throughout the country.

  • How will I be assessed?

    As this is a workshop, there is no summative assessment; the tutor will provide feedback continuously throughout the day.

Locations & Dates

Location Venue Module Start Date Book
Trafford Park Manchester David Lloyd Pure Lifting Instructor 29 June 2018 (Midweek)


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