Expand your Fitness Professional Tool Kit.
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Mix up your teaching and create challenging sessions with a range of popular training techniques.

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Fitness Professional Toolkit Course.

Looking to mix your Personal Trainer sessions up? This two-day workshop teaches you Padwork, Kettlebell, Outdoor Exercise and Core to offer a wider variety of exercises to your clients. It's designed for anyone in the fitness industry who wants to develop their training ability.

Advancing your career

Stand out from the crowd and springboard your earning potential by developing skills in a wider range of techniques.

CPD Courses

Not only will you gain valuable skills and knowledge you'll also earn 21 CIMSPA Developmental CPD points.


Keep up to speed with the latest fitness trends and increase your employment potential.


CPD points in Pure Series Kettlebell, Padwork and Core

One Day Course | Prices From £275.

If you're already working in the fitness industry, this Fitness Professionals Toolkit course is an exciting refresher. Especially if you're looking to expand your personal training knowledge and learn new training methods.

Kettlebell Instructor Course

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Fitness Professional Toolkit course structure

Across a two day workshop, you will acquire a range of new skills and fitness techniques – all of which will allow you to take your personal training expertise to the next level.

What will the Fitness Professional Toolkit course cover?

On this course, you will cover four key areas in detail:


  • Stance and footwork

  • The 4 main punches; jab, straight, hook and uppercut

  • How to use mitts/ gloves and pads effectively

  • How to incorporate techniques into a training programme

  • How to utilise new skills in a class format from beginners to advanced clients


  • The 6 grips involved in kettlebell exercises

  • An extensive range of kettlebell exercises for all clients

  • Sport-specific exercises

  • How to incorporate techniques into a training programme

  • How these skills can be incorporated into a class-based session


  • Importance and implementation of ‘functional neutral spine’

  • A range of static and dynamic core stability exercises

  • Progressions and adaptations using levers, gravity, speed and portable equipment

  • How to incorporate these techniques into your client’s training regime


  • Health & Safety associated with working in outdoor environments

  • Effective use of the outdoors to create a fun and challenging session such as the use of benches, hills, lamp posts, steps, trees and sports pitches

  • Toolbox of bodyweight exercises – learn a huge range of bodyweight exercises to adapt to the outdoor environment

  • Toolbox of small portable equipment exercises – learn how to utilise a vast range of small portable equipment such as resistance bands, TRX, hand weights to add variety and intensity to a client’s programme

  • Delivery of Personal Training sessions in the home or office

What certification will I receive?

  • Pure Series Kettlebell Certificate worth 7 CIMSPA Developmental CPD points

  • Pure Series Padwork Certificate worth 7 CIMSPA Developmental CPD points

  • Pure Series Core Certificate worth 7 CIMSPA Developmental CPD points

  • Focus Training Fitness Professional’s Toolkit Certificate

How is the Fitness Professional Toolkit course assessed?

As this is a workshop, there is no summative assessment; the tutor will provide feedback continuously over the two days.

What are the requirements to enrol on the Course?

  • Students must hold a Level 2 Certificate in Fitness Instructing.

Payment options

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