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Diploma in Pilates


Diploma in Pilates

Active IQ Level 3 Diploma in Pilates Matwork

Our Diploma in Pilates Matwork Course is perfect for both experienced fitness instructors and those just embarking on this new and exciting career path. Enhance your understanding of anatomy and physiology with our super-popular Pilates Instructor Course. Improve the posture, balance, strength and flexibility of your clients. Learn how to programme and deliver your own Pilates sessions at a beginner and intermediate level.

Prices start at £1500.00 with funding options available

REPs entry at Level 3 – 20 points

We currently run our Diploma in Pilates Matwork Courses in:

  • Manchester (David Lloyd, Trafford Park)
  • London (South Bank Club, Vauxhall)

Pilates instructors enjoy a loyal client base, so holding a Diploma in Pilates Matwork can add significant weight to your revenue stream. This makes Pilates a hugely popular course and places are snapped up quickly. If you need to ask us anything, ping us, ring us or message us – we are here to help.

Diploma in Pilates | Pilates Instructor Course | Pilates Matwork Course

Check out our Diploma in Pilates Instructor Course and launch your career as a qualified Pilates Instructor! Search for PILATES INSTRUCTOR COURSES NEAR ME.

From the moment you have decided to attend one of our Pilates Instructor Courses you can be confident you are in safe hands. Whether you already have a Gym Instructor Qualification or you are looking specialise in Pilates Matwork, you have come to the right place.

You will go from enthusiastic amateur to being a fully qualified Pilates Instructor. Our Pilates Diploma Course will fast-track you to a new career in the fitness industry. You will be in possession of all of the skills needed to design Pilates Classes in a health club environment or independently in a community.



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Diploma in Pilates

Expand your horizons by becoming a Pilates Instructor.

Pilates is a great way to evenly strengthen your body. This exercise style places a good emphasis on the body’s core strength. Created by Joseph Pilates in Germany, there are over 500 exercises in this system. Pilates has become increasingly popular, not only in gyms and health clubs as an additional class but there are many private classes provided by self-employed fitness professionals. This type of exercise is well known to be suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels. It is known to have great health benefits for not only beginners but seasoned athletes.

The Focus Training Level 3 Diploma in Pilates Matwork is perfect for those who are experienced fitness instructors and those who are just beginning. Our super popular course will give you an understanding of anatomy and physiology. It gives you the skills required to improve the posture, flexibility and well-being of your clients. You will learn how to develop and deliver your very own Pilates program for beginner and intermediate client sessions.

When you complete your Level 3 Diploma in Pilates with Focus Training you will be in high demand! Many of our instructors that complete this course enjoy a local client base. So, having the skills for Pilates Matwork will add a great deal of revenue to your business. This makes the Level 3 Diploma highly popular, meaning places are taken very quickly, so contact us now to avoid disappointment.

The Diploma in Pilates.

Developed in the early 20th century by Joseph Pilates, as a result of his belief that mental and physical well-being were closely connected. This low-impact exercise regime aims to strengthen core muscles whilst improving postural alignment and flexibility. Similar to the method of Yoga, Pilates focuses on a flow of movements rather than a series of static poses. It helps clients build strength, balance and posture and assists them in maintaining correct breathing techniques.

The exercise provides many fantastic health benefits. Not only with the building of muscle tone and posture, but Pilates Matwork is also known to help with non-specific back pain, the maintaining of a healthy weight and relieving stress. Additionally, it is a social activity so your clients will enjoy attending classes in a social, relaxing environment. With the many different types of exercise, it will always stay fresh and interesting for you and your clients.

When you qualify with your Level 3 Diploma in Teaching Pilates Matwork you will have the opportunity to increase your scope as a personal trainer or gym instructor within the fitness industry. Furthermore, a Level 3 Diploma in Pilates is the perfect gateway course for those looking to start a career in the fitness industry.

What will I learn?

Pilates instructors have a passion for helping people of all ages to improve their posture, balance, strength and flexibility. With the Diploma in Pilates Matwork, you will learn to specifically design appropriate one-to-one programmes. Techniques will involve the key elements of the Pilates Method. This includes assessing your client’s postures and muscle imbalances to develop excellent classes for beginners and intermediates. You will also learn about the equipment used in the method and how to teach your clients this clearly and engagingly.

In addition to learning and perfecting Pilates exercises and their effects on the body and physiology, you will also develop your skills as a coach! These skills are perfect for increasing your own brand and business. The Focus Training Diploma in Pilates Matwork will vastly enhance your understanding of anatomy and physiology. Making you a much more confident fitness professional.

Why Should I Do This Course?

Completing a Pilates Instructor Course will help you to gain employment or become self-employed as a Pilates Instructor. A Diploma In Pilates qualification is internationally recognised. As a result, you will be able to work one-to-one with individuals and with groups. At the end of the course, you will be able to identify and address the specific needs of individuals. You will possess the knowledge necessary to design Pilates group classes, tailoring intensity to suit the needs of individuals.

Whether Pilates is your passion or you are looking to gain new skills, this course is for you. It will contribute to your ongoing professional development.

Completing a Diploma in Pilates has given many fitness instructors a competitive edge. That edge can often lead to employment within a health and fitness club. Likewise, for those with an entrepreneurial spirit, the new skills they have acquired have enabled them to pursue their dreams. Becoming a self-employed Pilates Instructor offers huge potential for community-based classes. Such is the appeal of Pilates, you will find a diverse range of class attendees. Cyclists, runners, weightlifters and swimmers all attest to the befits of Pilates and the way it complements their chosen sport.

How Is The Diploma in Pilates Instructor Course Delivered?

When you book your Diploma in Pilates Instructor Course you will be sent access to your student guide, manuals and login details to your online learning portal. You will be assigned a telephone support tutor who will guide you through every step of your learning. The telephone support process involves online quizzes followed up with interactive teaching over the phone.  Depending on your level of entry, you may need to supply evidence of previous qualifications so that we design your individualised learning plan.

If you have no previous qualification or have a level 2 qualification, you will also be provided with online learning materials for anatomy and physiology. In addition to Pilates specific content, other topics will be covered. Once you have completed your online and telephone support learning, you will attend five face-to-face course delivery days, which are spread over two and three-day workshops and submit a video of you teaching a Pilates class.

How Will I Be Assessed?

  • Video practical assessment delivering a pre-prepared Pilates mat work class.
  • Case Study for planning Pilates Matwork sessions
  • Written worksheets
  • Multiple choice theory exam for anatomy and physiology (if required)
  • Multiple choice theory exam for principles of exercise, fitness and health (if required)

What Will I Need?

You do not require any previous fitness qualifications to enrol onto a pilates instructor course. If you have previous fitness qualifications, these may be used to exempt you from elements of the qualification such as anatomy and physiology and principles of exercise fitness and health.

What Will I Learn?

  • SMART goal setting
  • Key elements within Pilates
  • Assessing posture and alignment
  • Identifying muscle imbalances
  • Correcting muscle imbalances with Pilates
  • Activating the core muscles
  • Phases within Pilates
  • Planning beginner Pilates classes
  • Planning intermediate Pilates classes
  • Planning Pilates exercise for special populations
  • Progressing Pilates exercises
  • Using small equipment within Pilates
  • Effective coaching skills
  • Tactile cueing
  • Advanced anatomy & physiology (if applicable)

What Qualification Will I Receive?

You’ll receive an internationally recognised Active IQ Level 3 Diploma in Instructing Pilates Matwork, which will prepare you for stepping into any avenue of Pilates.

How Can I Pay?

You can either pay your course fees in full with an early bird discount or you can choose to opt for a ‘pay as you study’ payment plan. We would just require a small deposit and then you can choose to pay for the course over 12, 24, 36 or 48 months period. To find out more on payment options please contact your Course Adviser free on 0800 999 6664.

With Focus Training, we make high-quality training for your career in the fitness industry affordable.

Book online – add your course to your basket, you can pay securely by card or Pay Pal, either in full or by deposit.

Finance Options -Spread your payments over a number of months to suit your budget. Let us help you find the right payment plan to suit you. Speak to a Course Adviser on 0800 999 6664 or email info@focus-training.com

ELCAS – The course is approved by ELCAS for Armed Services staff.

Advanced Learner Loan – get help with the costs of your further education courses. Learners aged 19 and over can study for an approved course with an approved provider in England can apply. Eligibility for the loan does not depend on your income and there are no credit checks. The loan, plus any interest, has to be paid back, but not until you have finished your course and your income is over £25,000. Terms and conditions apply, please contact us for further information.


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