Become a Core Stability Practitioner.
Prices From £95.

Designed to provide you with the required skills and knowledge to create and assist functional movement patterns for your clients.

Core Stability Course

PURE Core Training Course.

A one-day practical workshop, that is suitable for all fitness professionals with a Fitness Instructor Level 2 qualification or above. If you are looking to expand your knowledge and skillset to bring more variety to your sessions this is the course for you.


Gain the knowledge needed to create functional movement patterns for clients who need them.

CPD Courses

Not only will you gain valuable skills and knowledge you'll also earn 7 CIMSPA Developmental CPD points.

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Learn about functional movement patterns to reduce the risk of injury when training, as well as easing joint and back pain caused by everyday activities.


PURE Core Certificate

One Day Course | Prices From £95

Functional movement patterns are used during training by those who require supported or seated positions in the gym, and this course will ensure you can offer support and advice on how to use the latest fitness equipment so that clients can get the most out of their training sessions.

Women Planking

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Core Stability Practitioner course structure

Taught over one day in person, the core training course will explore the muscles, how they move, what they do, and how to train them. This will equip you with the skills to educate clients on functional movement patterns, which in turn, will help to reduce injury risks, such as back and joint pain.

What will the Stability Practitioner course cover?

This exciting and effective CPD workshop provides you with the skills needed to instruct clients in core disciplines.

Overall, the one-day PURE Core course will provide you with the knowledge and skills to offer safe, effective, and challenging core exercises for a wide range of clients of varying abilities.

This course is designed to help you deliver real training programmes that improve people’s function in everyday life.

During the course you will also learn:

  • How to progress, modify and adapt a range of static and dynamic core stability exercises using bodyweight only

  • Functional movement training techniques utilising the latest range of equipment including trainers and dynamic resistance tubes

  • How to incorporate these techniques into your client’s training regime

  • How to progress functional movements

  • The importance of training functional movement

  • How to find and work with a functional neutral spine

  • How to plank properly!

What certification will I receive?

  • Focus Training PURE Core Certificate
  • 7 CIMSPA Developmental CPD points.

How is the Core Stability Practitioner course assessed?

As this is a workshop, there is no formal assessment; the tutor will provide feedback continuously throughout the day to help you achieve the learning outcomes.

What are the requirements to enrol on the course?

  • You must hold a Level 2 qualification and be 16 years or older.

Payment options

If you need help spreading the cost of the course, get in touch with the team on 0800 999 6664 we'll be able to discuss options with you.

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