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Circuit Training Instructor Course

Circuit Training Instructor Course

Pure Circuit – Circuit Training Instructor Course

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Pure Circuit – Circuit Training Instructor Course

Offering individuals the chance to work out with friends and other like-minded people, over the last few years group exercise has become far more popular. At Focus Training we provide a PURE circuit course, designed to provide you with the skills and techniques to teach safe and effective circuit sessions.

Whether you’re experienced in the world of circuit training sessions, or if you’re considering adding them to your offering, this course is designed to teach everyone valuable tips on improving your performance, how to lead groups, and how to incorporate new ideas. 

For personal trainers looking to expand their knowledge, add a new string to their bow, or simply push themselves further, this circuit training instructor course is a highly effective way to do all three.

What is circuit training?

An ideal training method when working with groups, if you’re looking for a way to mix up your regular classes, circuit training is a fun and effective way of helping clients improve their cardiovascular and muscular fitness.

Targeting strength building and muscular endurance, circuit training utilises resistance training and high-intensity aerobics to provide a full-body conditioning workout.

What’s taught on a circuit training instructor course? 

Ensuring you’re able to keep group exercises interesting, helping you to win and retain new clients, the circuit training instructor course covers everything you need to know.

This includes:

  • Learning how to design classes
  • How to implement your ideas
  • How to use training aids such as bands and weights
  • How to successfully assess and progress your clients

Across the course, you’ll learn several skills and a variety of new training ideas that’ll ensure you can continually update your classes. This is ideal for those who attend circuit classes as they tend to enjoy the flexibility offered rather than strict music assisted fitness routines.

Whether you’re working with small groups, large studio classes, or a group in any other setting, such as outdoors, this course will arm you with the tools and ideas to instruct fun and challenging classes.

Covering all the aspects from start to finish, if you’re looking to learn or improve your knowledge and skills of circuit training classes, our circuit training instructor course is perfect for you.

What will I learn on the PURE Circuit course?

You will be taught how to design classes, how to implement your ideas successfully and also how to assess the progress of your trainees.

The course is also designed to provide you with a variety of new training ideas so that you can provide the best Circuit training experiences possible.

There will also be a clear focus on:

  • How to warm up/cool down in a group format
  • Cardiovascular conditioning
  • How to use hand weights and restriction bands in your Circuit
  • Flexibility training
  • Principle of exercise programme design
  • Communication and teaching skills
  • Identifying risk factors and screening
  • Variety of circuit class design

How will I be assessed?

As this is a workshop, there is no summative assessment; the tutor will provide feedback continuously throughout the course. You will be assessed as you learn via the instructor’s observation.

This means that there will be no written exams or coursework.

What can I expect to achieve from the PURE Circuit course?

Upon completing the PURE Circuit course, you will receive the following:

  • Focus Training PURE Circuit Certificate
  • 10 CIMSPA Developmental CPD points

This Continuing Professional Development course will ensure you have the skills and expertise required to progress your fitness training talents, as well as expanding and developing the training experiences of your clients.

What are the requirements to enrol on the PURE Circuit course?

  • To enrol on the PURE Circuit course, you must already hold a Level 2 Fitness qualification
  • You must be 16 years or older.

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