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Antenatal & Postnatal Fitness Instructor Course


Antenatal & Postnatal Fitness Instructor Course


Ante & Post Natal Fitness Instructor Course

Leading to Active IQ Level 3 Award in Pre and Post Natal Exercise

This home-study course will give you essential knowledge to manage prenatal and post natal exercise safely and effectively.

Fitness instructors wishing to work with pregnant women or new mums require specialist knowledge. Client welfare is paramount. This is why our Antenatal Postnatal Fitness Instructor course has been designed to equip you with the essential skills to work in this hugely rewarding area of fitness.

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Check out our Antenatal & Postnatal Fitness Instructor Course and gain the necessary qualification to provide safe fitness guidance to pregnant women and those who have recently given birth. Our Antenatal Fitness Instructor Course and Postnatal Fitness Instructor Course are home study, so you can learn at your own pace. Ante-natal Fitness Instructor Course (pre-natal exercise instructor course) and Post-natal Fitness Instructor Course (Post-natal exercise instructor course), call 0800 999 6664

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Antenatal Postnatal Fitness Instructor Course

Once pregnant, most women are told to put their feet up and take it easy. However, keeping active during pregnancy, and getting active after giving birth are both encouraged.

If you’re a fitness professional who works with a large female clientele, or you want to encourage more new and future mums to stay active, our Antenatal and Postnatal Fitness Instructor Course is perfect for you.

Leading to Active IQ Level 3 Award in Pre and Post Natal Exercise, this home-study course will provide you with all the essential skills and knowledge to manage pre-natal and post-natal exercise safely and effectively.

Antenatal and Postnatal fitness instructor course

If you have clients that come to you while pregnant or become pregnant while working with you, you’ll want to ensure you can train them effectively, while keeping them active and safe.

Therefore, you may consider an antenatal fitness course, however, many of these clients will want to continue their approach to fitness after giving birth. This Antenatal Postnatal Fitness Instructor Course will provide you with all of the latest knowledge you’ll need to work with both of these specialist groups.

Supported by distance learning, which gives you the flexibility to learn at your own pace alongside dedicated support tutors, upon completion of the course you’ll be able to offer safe, effective prenatal and postnatal exercise sessions.

While appealing to Level 3 Personal Trainers due to the principles translating effectively on a one-to-one basis, the skills you’ll learn can also be applied to group classes.

If you have one of the following fitness industry qualifications and wish to expand your skills, this is the course for you:

Level 2 Fitness Instructor in gym
Exercise to Music
Aqua Aerobics

Antenatal and Postnatal fitness course: benefits to you

As a fitness instructor working with pregnant women and new mums, there’s specific, specialist knowledge you’ll require to ensure each individual’s welfare.

This is why our Antenatal and Postnatal fitness course has been designed to help you learn how to adapt your training programmes for pregnant women and women, who’ve just given birth. The skills and knowledge you’ll be equipped with include:

– The anatomy of pregnancy
– The antenatal period
– The postnatal period
– Structure and content of ante and post-natal exercise sessions
– Planning, teaching, and evaluating skills
– Contraindications to exercising with ante and postnatal clients
– How to create fitness and nutrition plans tailored to each client

Adding another string to your fitness bow, this qualification will equip you with a specialist edge, allowing you to offer one-on-one sessions and classes to mums to be and new mums, instantly boosting your employability and potential income.

Antenatal and Postnatal fitness course: benefits to customers

Knowing what’s best for your clients should be your number one priority at all times. As a specialist area, this course will set you apart and allow you to provide the best exercise advice for women pre and post-birth when it comes to exercise.

Below are the benefits of both sides of the Antenatal and Postnatal fitness course.

Antenatal fitness course

According to the NHS, the more active a woman is during pregnancy, the easier it will be to adapt to weight gain and changing body shape. It can also help when coping with labour and getting in shape post-birth.

As exercise isn’t dangerous to the baby, it’s important to let clients know they can maintain their daily activity for as long as they feel comfortable, while many positives can come from exercising while pregnant, such as:

– It can increase stamina and strength
– Reduce back pain – 60% of women experience lower back pain while pregnant
– Help with blood circulation and potentially help with varicose veins
– Reduce constipation, swelling, and bloating
– It can help you sleep better
– Help you to manage stress
– It can help your posture and balance
– Reduce the risk of preeclampsia and gestational diabetes
– Prepare your body for labour and childbirth

However, your clients mustn’t exhaust themselves and listen to their maternity team as the pregnancy progresses.

Postnatal fitness course

Following the birth of a baby, it’s recommended that a new mother should get at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity every week. This will vary from person to person based on advice from their doctor or midwife.

If exercise is permitted, this course will equip you with everything you need to ensure the wellbeing of your client, while the benefits to them will include:

– Improvement of muscle strength
– Aid with weight loss
– Raise energy levels
– Improve mental wellbeing
– Improvement of cardiovascular fitness
– Help with sleep
– Help to improve mood

Meanwhile, with the ability to perform one-on-one and group sessions, postnatal exercise classes are a great way to create a community and bring your clients together following childbirth.

How Is The Antenatal & Postnatal Fitness Instructor Course Delivered?

This course is supported purely by distance learning. This means that you have the flexibility to study at your own pace, fast or slow! This doesn’t mean that you are on your own though, our experienced tutors will guide, support and help you to successfully complete your studies.

At the point of booking, we will arrange for one of our dedicated support tutors to call you, explain the course requirements in detail and enable access to our online learning portal. They will also set-up a plan of learning with specific target dates to complete your home-study units, case study and telephone support.

You will complete and submit your worksheets and you will be asked to submit a case study based on a hypothetical client. You have eight weeks to complete this task. And if you need any extra help you can call our support helpline.

What Course Materials Will I Receive?

You will receive an online manual and access to our online portal.

What will I learn on the Ante and Post Natal Fitness Instructor course?

Throughout the course, you’ll cover all areas in order to be able to plan, design, and evaluate exercise programmes for Ante and Post Natal exercise. This includes:

  • The anatomy of pregnancy
  • The ante-natal period
  • The post-natal period
  • Structure and content of ante and post natal exercise sessions
  • Planning, teaching and evaluating skillls
  • Contraindications (“no-no’s”) to exercising with Ante and Post Natal clients

How Will I Be Assessed On The Ante And Post Natal Course?

The qualification requires a specific set of skills to ensure you’re fully up to speed with safety and techniques, and assessment will include:

  • Home study coursework
  • Hypothetical case study

How do I submit my work?

All of your work will be submitted online via the Focus Training learning portal.

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