Course Buyers Guide

Course Buyers Guide

Here at Focus Training, we talk about ‘quality’ all the time. We are frankly obsessed with it because we know it’s the key to you gaining a qualification that will lead to success in your future career. We give you more than a qualification, we give you the skills and knowledge to do the job well, and a whole lot more bang for your buck besides!

Sadly, not all training providers think the same. So, how can you spot the difference between a reputable, high-quality training provider and one that, well, shall we say, is not so clever!

Read our Personal Training Course guide to find out what we believe quality training looks like and make sure you are investing in quality training from a reputable training provider.

  Are courses fully accredited by a national awarding body?

If your course is not properly accredited it will not be worth the paper it is written on in the world of employment. Some may claim courses are recognised by REPs, this is insufficient. REPs are not an awarding body and not an indicator of quality.

  Are courses recognised by REPS?

Yes, our courses are recognised by REPs and will allow you to go on the Register of Exercise Professionals.

If you are not registered with REPS you may find it difficult to get work, particularly from private clients.

  Do you have any other external quality marks?

External inspection gives you a true perspective on how a company really performs. Many companies offering minimal amounts of face to face training have no quality marks which means they have no affiliation to anyone who conducts an inspection of their delivery of the learning.

  Over what time-scale is my course delivered?

Our courses are delivered in timescales appropriate to the level of learning and practical experience required. Our goal is to ensure you complete and pass your qualification.

  What support will I receive?

Telephone tutor support (regular and by appointment) online and face-to-face support. And, if you need extra support we will provide it when you need it (not days later!)

Poor quality providers cut corners here; you may receive little or no face-to-face contact, at best through email.

  What qualifications and experience do your tutors have?

All our tutors are experienced, fully qualified Personal Trainers who have worked in the industry for a number of years. Focus Training tutors constantly develop themselves to ensure their knowledge is up to date. All Focus Training delivery staff have teaching and assessor qualifications.

  What learning materials will I receive?

Our students access an on-line learning portal which offers an engaging and effective way to learn. The content goes beyond the scope of the qualification and we also offer a hard copy alternative of our course materials

Poor quality, badly prepared learning materials are another sign of a poor quality training provider. Ask to see some examples before you buy.

  What are your pass rates?

Focus Training has a greater than 90% student pass rate for practical examinations. We have helped over 40,000 students achieve their qualifications, giving us a wealth of experience and feedback to ensure that we have the right product and deliver it to the student in a way that best suits them.

  Student Testimonials

Read our student reviews

Student reviews will tell you the experiences of other people like yourself.

  Where will the practical element of the course be delivered?

Our courses are available across most of the UK.

Some training providers may not have the courses you want at a convenient venue that you can access.

  What help do you offer to pay for courses?

Our payment options are transparent. We offer 0% finance to help you pay in regular monthly instalments. A deposit is required to secure your booking. If you wish to pay over a longer period we have a finance option available that will reduce your monthly outgoing.

Read the small print. We have seen some providers offering finance at up to 35% APR.

  Why do course prices differ across training providers for what appears to be the same qualification?

Buy on price alone and you will get what you pay for. If you take your chances then prepare to be disappointed!

Now you’ve read our Personal Training Course Guide, are you ready to start your journey? Get in touch now!

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