Christmas Gift Guide For Personal Training Clients

Christmas Gift Guide For Personal Training Clients

Let’s get this straight. Whilst Christmas is of course about spending time with family, taking a break from the nine to five and indulging in delicious treats… one of the best bits has to be the presents. Who doesn’t love a festive surprise, all wrapped up in a bow waiting to be unveiled?

As a Personal Trainer, you might decide to give a little extra to your clients this year, as a thank you for their continued business… not to mention their hard work.

So we’ve done the hard graft for you and outlined a few gift ideas…


The client that loves a well-earned wind down after their gym session, always knows the best skin creams to combat the harsh gym air con and usually heads to the sauna for a post-workout relax..

A massage gift certificate for the spa within your gym (if there is one) or a local massage therapist.

A mini grooming kit to keep in their locker to ensure they’re always preened and ready to go.

A luxury gym towel, soft and fluffy, plus small enough to fit into their bulging gym kit.

Make your own “Recovery Kit” including a massage stick, foam roller, and stretch out strap.

Travel-sized spa products perfect for their gym bag. We love this Off To The Gym Wash Kit from Trouva.


Always in the latest seasonal style, and often well-co-ordinated when it comes to their gym attire, the style setter loves keeping ahead of fashion trends and looking the part whilst they get their sweat on…

A voucher towards gym apparel such as the stylish range from Vanquish Fitness.

Headphones to co-ordinate with their usual gym outfit.

This Christmas Cracker from Harvey Nichols is perfect for female fashionistas who like to keep their locks tamed…

Gym accessories such as water bottles, hats, gloves or a sports bag (be marketing savvy and brand these with your own logo).


The foodie is fully Au fait with what’s hot in health food, and is often a dab hand in the kitchen. They love great food, exciting ingredients and have a taste for the exotic…

A gift voucher for their favourite restaurant.

Make your own foodie hamper featuring miniature olive oils, teas and healthy snacks.

A subscription to a foodie publication such as Delicious Magazine or Great British Food Magazine.

A cookbook (try The Ultimate Protein Powder Cookbook or Clean Eating Alice for recipes on the go.)


Always reading something that allows them to develop their skills, mindset or performance, studious types are on a constant quest for improvement and apply this to their training…

A motivational Book. We love Eat that Frog, a guide to getting more of the important stuff done.

A Geeky Chef Cookbook… real-life recipes for all the delicious foods you’ve seen in your favourite sci-fi and fantasy movies and TV shows. Get it here.

A fitness tracker to allow them to study their performance on a deeper level. We love the Misfit Ray.


The client that deserves a star pupil award. They stick to their programme meticulously and have a hell-bent passion on achieving their goals with your help… 

Motivational wall art featuring quotes to keep their mindset focused. Wayfair have a range of lovely inspirational prints.

A voucher offering a free Personal Training session or a discount for the New Year.

A discount voucher for referring a friend. (Dedicated clients are the most likely to make referrals.)

Of course, if you prefer not to splurge on your ever-growing list of clients (because it can get pricey!), be sure to thank them with a personalised Christmas card and a thank you for their business. After all, a healthier lifestyle is a gift in itself…

Image Credits:
Off To The Gym Wash Kit | Trouva
Motivational Prints | Wayfair
Invisibobble | Harvey Nichols

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