Child Obesity Epidemic Continues to Rise.

Child Obesity Epidemic Continues to Rise.

Evidence based research is crucial in the continual evolution of the health, fitness and wellness markets. The sooner this type of information becomes public knowledge will help educate and possibly motivate those who do not exercise into improving their lifestyles. The following are the latest findings:

Britain’s child obesity epidemic continues to rise and the medical director of Alder Heys’s Children’s Hospital indicates kids may soon be undergoing stomach stapling. Surely, with the governments backing our industry should be able to prevent this drastic action with structured, fun kid’s programmes?

Bringing the food people eat to their awareness can reduce cravings later on. In a study at the University of Birmingham results showed those who wrote down what they had for lunch had then lost their appetite when offered biscuits later on in the day. Facts to prove that food diaries do work!

Sorry ladies – men find it easier to stay in shape as they get older! Nottingham University discovered women find it harder to keep in shape as they age due to the loss of oestrogen following the menopause.

Berry nice! Eating a small amount of berries each day can significantly reduce your risk of heart attack and strokes. Research from Finland has confirmed what we probably already know, however are we practising and prescribing what we know?

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