Annie Greenaway.

Working away from retail

Student Case Study

Tell us a little bit about what you were doing before taking our course. Were you employed in the fitness industry already or did you come to us from a completely different background?

Before I began the course, I was working in retail. I came to the course with a completely different background.

What was it that made you decide to take one of our courses?

I went through my own fitness journey a year or so prior. After looking through my progress and transformation the manager at my gym suggested a fitness career path. She then recommended Focus Training.

Once the course was completed what have you used your new skills for? How has it impacted your life/employment?

I now work in the gym as a Personal Trainer, helping people as I managed to do so for myself. At the moment I am still working part time in retail as I have only been a PT for six months.

What are your future plans? Will you take any further courses? Do you have a business idea?

I am hoping to create a career from my fitness qualifications. I don’t have a set business plan, but I have always been set on travelling so to be able to do so whilst working would be an amazing achievement.

I have considered other courses, but I haven’t settled on anything yet.

If you had a piece of advice for a learner trying to decide whether they should take one of our courses what would it be?

If you have a passion for fitness and would like to make a career from something you love I couldn’t recommend Focus enough. They give you more than enough knowledge and due to this you’re left feeling confident to enter the fitness industry