When it comes down to our students, we are passionate about not only giving them the knowledge to gain a qualification but preparing them for taking on life in the fitness industry.

Many of our students go on to do great things with their qualifications, and this student is no different. Meet Sophie, who has done her Level 2 Gym, Level 3 Personal Trainer and Exercise Referral qualifications with us.

Hi Sophie, thanks for your time. What did you think of your training with Focus?

The courses are honestly brilliant. I have done my Level 2, Level 3 and Exercise Referral with yourselves, and the way the course is planned out is really helpful. From the theory classes to the practical classes, the delivery was amazing.

What was the support that you received like throughout your courses?

The support calls with tutors were really helpful. If the time came for a call and there were things that I was unsure about, it gave me time to ask my tutor questions and clear up any tough content. I also really liked the support calls because I was able to use them as mini-tests and goals to reach, which really helped at times.

What do you think about the online resources that were on offer throughout your courses?

I think that the learning resources that are on offer in the student area and online in general are very useful. At some points of the courses, it is easier to learn the content with videos rather than through the manuals, and the fact that videos are there to watch makes things a lot easier.

The different types of resources available mean that you can get an in-depth explanation of all of the content on the course because you can read about something, and then see it put into action on the videos available.

What made you choose to go on to get your Exercise Referral qualification?

When I started my qualifications, I only saw myself completing Level 2, but since starting Level 2, I knew that I wanted to go further and learn as much as I could. After I did my Level 2, I went on to my Level 3 Personal Trainer course so I could carry on my learning and begin getting more involved in the industry.

After my Level 3, I made the decision to then look into the Exercise Referral qualification simply because I enjoyed my other courses and wanted to carry on learning more about fitness so I could help more people.

Have you gone on to do anything with your qualifications?

I have. Since qualifying, I have been able to run Bootcamp sessions whilst also running fitness and Personal Training sessions that have been really popular.

Since gaining my Exercise Referral qualification, I have been able to help my current clients more and add more clients to my schedule. This is because it has helped me to get involved with people who have certain health problems.

I would say that getting my Exercise Referral qualification is one of the best choices I have made, as it has helped me to train loads of people with loads of different lifestyles, needs and goals, and seeing my involvement with them pay off is really good to see.

Thanks for your time Sophie, we really appreciate it and I know the readers will too.

With the amount of experience that Sophie has been able to get down to her qualifications is amazing, and it really shows the potential that industry recognised qualifications can bring for dedicated Personal Trainers.

Personal trainers change lives. It’s no longer a case of doling out diet plans and offering support on the gym floor.