Marfisia Lanza.

Read how successfully passing a Gym instructor course changed Marfisia's life for the better.

Student Case Study
  • Tell us a little bit about what you were doing before taking our course. Were you employed in the fitness industry already or did you come to us from a completely different background?

I have been working as a warehouse operative for the last 5 years.

  • What was it that made you decide to take one of our courses?

I have always enjoyed sports and training in general. I wanted to embark a journey that would allow me to share my passion with others.

However, I knew that I had to gain more knowledge and experience to go into the fitness industry, so, I decided to search for a course that would allow me to do so. I came across Focus Training and I knew that the company was the right place to gain this knowledge. I signed for Level 2 Gym Instructor and level 3 Personal Training.

  • Once the course was completed what have you used your new skills for? How has it impacted your life/employment?

This course really changed my life as I qualified in Gym Instructor level 2 and Personal Trainer level 3. This allowed me to leave my job as a warehouse operative and invest my time and energy in my own business. I have now become not only a gym based instructor but I am also part of a worldwide, online business that helps me to help a wider range of people around the world.

  • What are your future plans? Will you take any further courses? Do you have a business idea?

I would definitely sign up for more courses. I will be looking to gain more knowledge in nutrition, in the next few years with Focus Training.

  • If you had a piece of advice for a learner trying to decide whether they should take one of our courses what would it be?

I really recommend this course and company in general to everyone that would like to challenge themselves. Not only can you gain knowledge, experience and skills to change your life but you can help others too.