Adam Gormley.

Getting into the family business.

Hard hat

Tell us a little bit about what you were doing before taking our course. Were you employed in the fitness industry already or did you come to us from a completely different background?

I have worked in the Construction industry as a Quantity Surveyor for the past 7 years.

What was it that made you decide to take one of our courses?

I have always trained. When I was younger my Father managed a gym, so I have been in and around the industry all my life. It’s always been a personal ambition of mine to become a qualified PT and to broaden my knowledge around the various methods and benefits of exercise and nutrition. I didn’t go into the course preparing for a change in career, it was more a personal goal and something that I wanted to take forward alongside my current Career.

Once the course was completed what have you used your new skills for? How has it impacted your life/employment?

It has directly impacted the way I train. I now know the various methods of training to get the benefits that I personally want to achieve. Whilst I haven’t yet started running PT sessions for money, I have supported a few friends and family in their fitness journey and provided programme and nutritional guidance.

What are your future plans? Will you take any further courses? Do you have a business idea?

Due to current career commitments I haven’t been able to start my PT business as early as planned. My plan is to use 2020 as the launchpad for one-on-one PT sessions and potentially offer group sessions depending on demand.

I’d like to do the Strength & Conditioning course to add value to my service as a PT.

If you had a piece of advice for a learner trying to decide whether they should take one of our courses what would it be?

Go for it. Whether it’s as a career option or if it’s a personal ambition, if you’re thinking about it – just do it. I absolutely loved every minute of it. The support is great throughout the study / coursework period and the weekend courses are brilliant. I met some great people and developed skills that benefit me in all areas of life not just fitness & nutrition.