Career Opportunities For Personal Trainers

Career Opportunities For Personal Trainers

When it comes to career options in the field of fitness, Personal Trainers come pretty high up the chain for choice! Gone are the days when Personal Trainers stuck to the gym floor, doling out nutritional advice and planning workout regimes.  Today’s PT’s are better qualified, more driven and much more diverse.

Whether you’re taking your first step on the fitness ladder, or have been qualified for years and are thinking of a fresh challenge, as a certified fitness professional, the opportunities are endless…

Health Club Personal Trainer

Most top Health Club chains won’t accept job applications from Personal Trainers without a recognised qualification. So, once you have your certification, you’ll open doors into the growing number of leading Health Clubs across the UK. Whether you’re designing and monitoring fitness programmes or working with gym-goers to achieve specific goals, you’ll gain bags of experience and be well-positioned to grow your client base as you network the gym floor.

Athletic Trainer

Athletic trainers prevent, diagnose and treat injuries to the muscles and bone. You may be employed by educational institutions, the NHS or work privately, and your client base can range from amateur athletes to A-list sports stars. Whilst this role requires specific training and skills, a Personal Training certificate or Strength & Conditioning qualification will certainly help you get there. (Check out our chat with Rugby pro, Matt Haggarty.)

Luxury Resort Personal Trainer

Most luxury hotels today have their own fitness centres, some even having well-known gym chains inside their premises. Not only might you expect to enjoy the perks of a 5* resort (think free meals, discounted rooms and products),  you’ll also get to interact with affluent, distinguished clients which can also be very financially rewarding.

Corporate Fitness Coach

As employers work harder to motivate their staff to stay in shape, more businesses are incorporating fitness centres into their premises. Not only does this ensure workers maintain great health (and so fewer days off sick!), it’s also a great perk for employees.

As a qualified Personal Trainer looking to build your own business, working in corporate offices not only opens up opportunities to grow your client base but usually pays very well too!

Physical Therapist

Physical therapists work with clients suffering from injuries or illnesses and help to get them back on track.   You may work with patients who have chronic conditions, sports injuries or short term movement problems. It’s up to you whether you offer your services privately, or work for a larger organisation such as the NHS whilst growing your client base.

Boot Camp Trainer

Weekend fitness breaks are becoming increasingly more popular. Usually hidden away in a picturesque location with a postcard-picture lake, weekenders are joined by personal trainers and fitness reps who organise plenty of activities to keep them on top form. For those that love the outdoors, and especially those that have qualified as an Outdoor Fitness Coach, this is definitely one for your wish list. Again, many fitness retreats offer paid travel, accommodation and meals, not to mention breathtaking views, and a good helping of crispy fresh air!

Health Club Manager

Health Club management requires a strong understanding of fitness, what makes gym-users tick, business operations, marketing and health & safety. All skills a great Personal Trainer will have. So, if you see yourself managing a Health Club, as opposed to working within one, your Personal Training certification stands you in good stead.

Many Health Club Managers start their careers as Gym Instructors or Personal Trainers and work their way through the ranks.  Due to in-depth training and brand requirements, most clubs also like to promote from within to ensure they retain the very best level of service and staff that live and breathe their values. Along with a healthy salary, you may also receive target-related bonuses and incentives for club membership sales.

Wherever you plan to take your fitness career, once you have the credentials, experience and the drive to succeed, in an industry such as this, opportunities are endless!

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