Can Nutritional Advisers use Vitamin D Improve Memory of Older Adults, Obese People & Diabetics?

Can Nutritional Advisers use Vitamin D Improve Memory of Older Adults, Obese People & Diabetics?

In a growingly fitness-focused world, Personal Trainers and fitness professionals are making the most of new research and developments that make it possible for them to take their skills and knowledge further to help their clients get better results.

Now, new research has shown nutrition experts and those with Nutrition for Sport & Exercise performance qualifications that Vitamin D levels could play a big part in improving memory among Older Adults and those with Obesity or Diabetes.

The new research by Rutgers University has shown that women who took more than three times the daily dose of Vitamin D showed improvements in memory, but also showed that reaction times were slower when more Vitamin D was consumed. With these findings, researchers say that there could be benefits, but there could also be big downsides to increasing the amount of Vitamin D we consume, with researchers stating that a slowed reaction time could boost the chance of falling in older age, which is a big problem among older adults.

When carrying out the study, researchers looked at three groups of women aged 50-70, with each group being assigned a specific dosage of Vitamin D per day. When analysing the results, researchers found that those who consumed 2000 international units (IU) of Vitamin D per day showed to have improved memory, whereas the group who were assigned a higher dosage didn’t show any improvement; suggesting that the effect of Vitamin D is dependent on the amount that is consumed.

Although memory improved for those with 2000 IU of Vitamin D per day, the results also showed that this group also experienced a slowing reaction time, which is a massively important factor among older adults.

Senior Author of the study, Sue Shapses has said; “The slower reaction time may have other negative outcomes such as potentially increasing the risk of falling and fractures.” and this is a big problem for people in older age, with cognitive skills being on the decline as we get older. Although, with research expanding, there are more ways that Older Adults can improve cognitive skills that will help them throughout daily life.

Shapses went on to say that; “Other researchers have found that Vitamin D supplementation at about 2,000 IU daily or more increased risk of falls, but they did not understand the cause.” Although researchers were unable to find a cause of the increased falls, the link between Vitamin D and falls is something that Nutrition Advisors should take into consideration when working with older adult, obese or diabetic clients as the results suggest that there is a relationship between the two.

Along with the memory benefits of Vitamin D, the researchers have also made it aware that it can also be massively beneficial when it comes to how the body and brain function. Cognitive skills and memory are essential in older age, yet they are two things that bring big problems to health organisations, which is why this form of research is so positive.

With ageing bringing numerous health problems, it is promising to see more Personal Trainers gain older adult fitness and obesity and diabetes fitness qualifications to further their credentials and help more people. As health organisations become more stretched and less able to commit to solving health problems, it is vital for more fitness lovers to become qualified professionals and get involved with helping others.

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