So many people I speak to do not eat breakfast, and generally it’s the same two reasons, 1) they don’t have time and, 2) they are trying to lose weight.

Here’s the truth, research has shown people who eat breakfast will lose weight quicker and they can also concentrate better and feel less lethargic.

People who eat breakfast will be less likely to snack on unhealthy food throughout the morning, and after ramping up their metabolism from eating breakfast they will burn more calories and generally feel more awake and able to concentrate.

Oatmeal is perfect for breakfast, it can be flavoured, blended, heated or just drunk cold. (I know the last option doesn’t sound nice but trust me). Oatmeal is very cheap and consists of complex carbs, high fibre and low fat.

If you choose to heat it you can add apple and cinnamon, walnuts, fruit, raisins even add in some protein powder to increase the protein value. For a quick fix blend the oats with protein powder and banana and drink it cold. It can take a couple of attempts to get used to it but for a time efficient and energy boosting breakfast nothing can beat it.

So there really is no excuse for missing breakfast. Those that say they cant eat in the morning offer them a blended shake, for those with more time they can cook it and add in some tasty extras, either way it’s a perfect start to the day.

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