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Would you like more Premium Clients?

This month we are looking at ways for you to increase your income by attracting premium clients. Yvette Nevrkla, founder of The PT Business Gym, offers her top 5 tips for attracting premium clients. 1. Package You can’t sell premium packages unless you have one to sell. That might sound blindingly obvious. The point is there might be clients out there looking for a high-end programme, a complete start to end service or a real VIP service but all you’re offering are weekly training sessions or a block of 10 sessions. A package of 10 is certainly better than a session at a time but it’s still not really a premium package. 2. Get focused on Results It’s not just about sticking a premium price tag on your programmes. It’s about stepping up in terms of the results you deliver. It’s about taking responsibility for helping your clients achieve the results they want. A premium client invests in a premium programme because and only because they want to achieve a result. If you invested £15k in a premium coaching programme you’d expect a result right. So it’s no longer about on-going training or general results. It’s about taking responsibility for your results, defining the results in very specific and measurable terms and delivering to that. 3. Add Value The next challenge is to add value to the service you are offering so that it really is a Premium service and most importantly so it delivers the result your clients want. It’s about how you structure your service to achieve the result you’ve committed to helping your premium clients achieve. Right now the main thing you will be offering your clients is 1-1 training sessions. So, what else would you add to your service in order to be able to guarantee the result they want? 4. Develop your Premium mindset It’s easy enough to say “Yes, I want to attract premium clients and sell High-end programmes” but the first thing you will come up against is your mindset and the thoughts that basically stop you in your tracks. Thoughts like; “Who am I to work with high-end clients?” or “I’m not sure I’m ready to work with premium clients” or “I’m not the kind of person who makes lots of money” “You have to work hard for your money” or “I can’t imagine charging such a high price for a programme.” These might be just thoughts but for most people these thoughts are as solid as a brick wall. A key step in moving towards attracting premium clients and selling premium programmes is to identify and break down those thoughts that are holding you back. Until you do, it’s unlikely you’ll ever really take the kind of actions needed to successfully sell premium programmes. 5. A marketing strategy to attract and engage premium clients Marketing is often the first thing that you start thinking about – how do I market and sell to premium clients? But unless you have these other four things in place, the marketing is pointless. However, once you’ve created a premium package and structured it to deliver a big result and you’ve tackled the limiting thoughts so that your mind is set to move into the premium client arena, of course the marketing strategy becomes important. The number one strategy for attracting and enrolling premium clients is based around presentations. Presentations could take the form of a talk, a seminar or teleseminar or a series of teleclasses. They are those opportunities where you can get in front of your target market and pre-sell them on your concepts and programmes and follow up with an opportunity to have a sales conversation. 3 Questions To Get You started
  1. Who are your ideal clients? (That specific group of clients you specialise in helping)
  2. What do they really want?
  3. What big result do you want to commit to helping your premium clients achieve?
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