Why Organisation is Key For Success as a Personal Trainer.

Most Personal Trainers start out in gym based positions as Gym Instructors, which is a lot simpler than being a Personal Trainer, as the sessions are booked and organised by the gym they work for, which leaves them with free time to work out and get other things done in between sessions.

Although this is ideal for some people, those who look to further their expertise by becoming a self-employed Personal Trainer are shocked with the workload that they are faced with, as they don't have enough experience in the daily tasks that come with being a PT.

When working for yourself as a Personal Trainer, there are many more tasks that you are faced with, such as booking sessions, sending meal plans and working on marketing their business. This can become overwhelming for some Personal Trainers who aren't prepared and well-organised, as they find it hard to adapt and still offer quality training sessions.

Although, with technology becoming a big part of fitness, with online meal planners and fitness apps giving people motivation and new ways to keep fit, Personal Trainers can also make the most of new technology within fitness, as they are able to automate and optimise many tasks that would previously be done manually; saving them hours of time that they can spend doing extra work or looking after themselves after a long day of sessions.

Both new and old technology can save time for Personal Trainers with daily tasks. A prime example of this is using iPads and other tablets in the gym. Many Trainers have begun to use Microsoft's Excel program or Apple's Numbers program to take away the need to sit down and write out session plans and send meal plans. Although Excel is a many peoples' worst nightmare, it only takes a couple of simple buttons that you need to know to save you hours of time a day.

Being organised and keeping up with new advancements, apps and tech in the fitness industry allows a lot of successful Personal Trainers to save time that they can spend on themselves. Although it is common for people to think that being a PT means working out all day, this is in fact not the case, and this is why it is important to make time for yourself, as it can be easy to forget to do so when you're helping others reach their goals on a daily basis.

A lot of Personal Trainers find it hard to keep themselves fit on top of all of the sessions each day, which is one of the reasons that Personal Trainers are adopting technology and focusing on organisation to further their potential in the industry.