Why Do I Need A Personal Training Qualification?.

To become a Personal Trainer, is a recognised personal training certification. Not only will a reputable qualification enable to you work in high profile health clubs and fitness centres, it will also ensure your fitness career is of high quality, great success and remarkable reputation.

If you’re considering becoming a Personal Trainer, you'll no doubt already have a fondness for fitness, and a passion for pushing boundaries. Ideally, you'll have some knowledge of the fitness industry and the workings of the human body, but if not, fear not... that's where we come in!

What will a personal training qualification add to your fitness career?

Build Credibility

When you take the time to go through a reputable accreditation program, you demonstrate your commitment to working towards what you love. Personal trainers who are certified have a certain amount of training and education, which actually makes them better at their jobs. This certification is essential when it comes to building your professional reputation within the fitness sector. Nobody wants to put their health in the hands of someone that winged their studies!

Attract More Clients

Potential clients looking to hire a personal trainer are always advised to ask about certification. When you are certified, it means you are better equipped to help clients reach their fitness goals. If a client is trying to decide between you and another personal trainer without certification, that piece of paper might be just the edge you need to land the client’s business.

Enhance Your Desirability

There are many personal trainers looking for jobs today, it's a competitive business! So anything you can bring to the table to give yourself a competitive edge is a good idea. Personal trainers who have been certified by a leading course provider are the most likely to get their portfolios moved to the top of the pile. In a competitive market, your place in the pile makes all the difference between those who have jobs and those who are still looking.

Employment Prospects

When you have a reputable certification, you can work at almost any fitness centre, gym or private athletic club in the country. If you're feeling adventurous, you could even head abroad! The more prestigious the health club you want to work at, the more important that certification becomes. In fact, some of the top fitness centres in the country won’t even look at the CV of a personal trainer unless it includes certification through one of the top programs.

Make More Money

Personal trainers who spend the time and money to get certified usually enjoy a big return on their investment in terms of larger salaries. Whether you are looking to get hired by a health club in your area or simply want to contract yourself out to individual clients, your price tag will be directly impacted by the amount of training and education you bring to the table.

Personal training certification isn’t necessary to become a personal trainer, but it is an important component if you want to advance in your career or make more money. The right certification tells prospective employers and clients that you have the necessary training and background to help people reach their fitness goals. Without it, to a potential client, you could simply be someone with an interest, giving out advice. Which do you want to be?

Speak to the Focus Training team about getting started on your Personal Training course! We have a number of courses coming to venues across the UK.