Fitness Instructor Course assessment

Where Will Your Credentials Take You?

When it comes to career prospects, the fitness industry has opened up a whole new level of options for personal trainers besides the traditional gym setting. In fact, there are very few jobs that offer the diverse prospects that a qualified personal trainer has. With the fitness industry projected to continue its mammoth growth over the next few years, employment statistics predict an above average increase in personal training jobs. Whether you're taking your first step on the ladder to a fitness career, or have already aced those exams and now ready to take it to the next level, as a certified fitness professional, the world is now your oyster. So if you're wondering where the next road will take you, here are a few prospects that await you in your career as a fitness professional...

Gyms & Private Fitness Studios

This is the most obvious and often the first career choice for personal trainers who have just obtained their professional fitness certifications. For many, working in a local gym or leisure centre allows personal trainers to gain valuable experience in building relationships, designing programmes and the operations of the fitness business in general. This is a great starting point to gain the tools you need to take your career to new levels!

Resorts and Luxury Hotels

All luxury hotels with bang for their 5* buck these days have their own fitness centres, some even having well known gym chains under their own roof. For many personal trainers working for high end hotels or spa resorts, their rooms, meals and travel expenses are often paid for. Amongst these and many more 5* perks, you'll get to interact with affluent, distinguished clients which can also prove to be very financially rewarding. If you love a spot of travel and the finer things in life, this could be the career for you!

Corporate Coaching

Many large businesses these days have in-house fitness centres for their employees. Always a nice perk to have during the 9 to 5! Employers increasingly understand that fit and healthy employees are happier and more productive. As a qualified Personal Trainer looking to branch out and build your own business, working in corporate offices not only opens up wider opportunities for your client base but usually pays very well too!

Weekend Fitness Retreats

As Britain slowly begins to rise from the sofa, weekend fitness breaks are becoming increasingly more popular. Usually hidden away in a picturesque location with a postcard-picture lake, weekenders are joined by personal trainers and fitness reps who organise plenty of activities to keep them on top form. For those that love the outdoors, and especially those that have qualified as an Outdoor Fitness Coach, this is definitely one for your wish list. Again, many fitness retreats offer paid travel, accommodation and meals, not to mention breathtaking views, and a good helping of crispy fresh air!

Cruise Ships

As cruise holidays have also soared in popularity in recent years, it's no longer just the holiday choice for the wealthy. And with an abundance of all-inclusive gourmet food on board, many holidaymakers make the time to hit the gym whilst sailing the seas. There are plenty of opportunities for personal trainers who have a good pair of sea legs, however, you'll need to ensure your sales technique is top-notch - how much you earn will depend on your skills, the type of cruise and the clientele on board. Once you have some good, relevant experience under your belt, you may even take the leap to set up your own business in the fitness industry. Once you have the credentials, experience and the drive to succeed, in an industry such as this, opportunities are endless!