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What's On The Menu For 2017?

Each year we're bombarded with a host of new health foods and diet trends that promise to make us glow from the inside out, and give our fitness levels that kickstart we need to reach our goals. Who can forget last year's buttery coffee and charcoal water! (really?!) Nutritionists have revealed the diet trends that will be making their way to many a fitness follower's plates for 2017. Some, you'll be well aware of, others will be making an appearance come January. Though, we'll let you decide on whether these superfoods for the year ahead get your appetite going... 1. Super-spices Spices, especially turmeric have been said to support liver function, and help to get rid of toxins. It contains curcumin, which includes an antioxidant which has been shown to help relieve the pain of arthritis, injuries and dental procedures. 2. Cauliflower Always a firm favourite on the hot list of healthy foods. This year, we've seen cauliflower mash, cauliflower pizza bases, and even cauliflower rice. Low in carbs and high in fibre, this versatile veggie will remain a staple in our kitchens for 2017. (If you have any great cauli recipes, do share them with us!) 3. Watermelon water Earlier this year, Beyoncé invested in her own 'watermelon water' startup, joining the trend which sees the previously popular coconut water take a backseat for this refreshing tipple. Like coconut water, watermelon contains natural electrolyte minerals and is high in potassium, which keeps our blood pressure in a healthy range. One to watch if you fancy swigging something other than plain old water. 4. Goat meat Many of us have a penchant for goat's cheese and milk, though the majority may never have tried goat meat. Popular in North Africa and the Middle East, goat meat is naturally low in fat and high in protein. There has been recent talk that some supermarkets will be stocking their shelves with the stuff next year. 5. Purple It's not just what you eat, it seems it's also about the colour! Purple kale, purple carrots, purple cauliflower, purple broccoli and purple potatoes are all becoming increasingly popular, thanks to being high in disease-fighting properties. They can soothe inflammation as well as boost the immune system, and have been shown to improve memory too. 6. Probiotic water We're already clued up on probiotic yoghurts, but probiotic water is proving popular for those that want an extra dose of good stuff, without sitting down to eat it. Swigging your probiotics on the move means more time to get things done, whilst still getting the nutrients you need. 7. Filipino food Filipino food has begun to rise in popularity here in the UK, thanks to an abundance of healthy options, bold flavours and the use of fresh ingredients. Dishes set to become popular include Paket, a vegetable dish full of spices, roasted lemongrass chicken; and Tortang Talong, an aubergine and egg-based breakfast to kickstart your day. 8. Essential oils This year has seen an increased interest in natural and holistic products, to help tackle a number of issues including stress, anxiety, disturbed sleep, and low mood. Essentials oils are packed with vitamins, amino acids and antioxidants, getting plenty of goodness into the skin. Whilst we won't necessarily be eating them, we'll be focussing on delivering essential nutrients through massage, aroma and post-gym beauty regimes. Food grade essential oils can also be used to add a punch of flavour to dull dishes and perk up your cuisine, as well as your mood, your skin and your concentration levels. Pass the oil! Considering learning more about diet and nutrition? Take a look at our range of high-quality Personal Trainer courses, where you'll get to grips with diet, nutrition and healthy eating plans to help clients achieve their fitness goals for 2017. Be a qualified fitness professional. When your goal is to be a fitness professional, you've come to the right spot. The courses of ours and workshops have been the springboard for countless careers in the fitness industry. Above all, we're here to make certain you get off to the very best start. Our popular courses relating to this blog post what's on the menu for 2017? include our personal trainer courses, gym instructor courses, exercise referral courses and the ever-popular sports massage courses. The career of yours as a fitness professional begins here. Whether you would like to become a specialist or even an all-rounder, a career in health and fitness needs the right start. So, call Focus Training now and we are going to help you come to be a fitness professional. All our courses are actually intended to provide you with the essential tools to become a fully certified fitness professional. Via our home page you are able to find personal trainer courses.